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Fashionette | Drive your customers back to your website


Fashionette is well on its way to becoming the leading online platform for high-quality fashion accessories. It is one of Germany’s most popular online shops for designer bags, with a range of over 5,000 products from more than 100 different brands.

Fashionette operates in a further 16 countries, where they are committed to delivering memorable, valuable experiences for its customers.




High quality customer experiences

Because of Fashionette’s international set-up, managing logistics can be challenging. Unlike domestic deliveries, shipments frequently experience issues at customs, or are affected by prolonged delivery times.

In order to uphold its high standards of customer experience, Fashionette was looking for a service that enabled them to accompany its customers through the post-checkout journey. They aimed to deliver informative and personalized messages until successful delivery of each order.

Tobias Schulz

Delivery notifications are the crucial factor of an emotional shopping experience. In parcelLab we found a partner who gives us full control over our deliveries.

Tobias Schulz Head of Operations
Tobias Schulz
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Fashionette Track & Trace with Recommendations



Proactive and branded messages

With parcelLab’s solution, Fashionette is able to design and send informative, quality updates to the customer. An all-in-one tracking page is provided so that the customer can track the progression of their order in real time.

These touch points are all fully white label, meaning all traffic generated is sent straight back to Fashionette’s online store. As a result, these helpful shipping updates double as a highly engaging and effective marketing tool.

Fashionette can add related content or products to its emails to prolong brand engagement. They have also added an easy-to-use rating tool in order to generate more frequent customer feedback.




Long term customer engagement

Now, an incredible 75% of Fashionette’s customers are driven back to their site. Because the customers are kept engaged with the brand for longer through their exciting, relevant post-checkout communication, they’re more likely to make another purchase.

Not only this, but customers feel more informed about their order, which has resulted in a 45% increase in product reviews – including an 8% rise in perfect scores.

Fashionette are assured that they deliver the same high standard of customer experience, no matter where they are.