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They have grown into a successful multi-channel company with over 1,000 employees, operating all over Europe. PETER HAHN has an excellent reputation for providing great value and quality advice. As a business, their objective is to consistently exceed high standards. As a result, the team are always looking for new ways to deliver the best possible service to their customers. That’s why they decided to improve their post-checkout communication to offer a more personalized, valuable experience. They also hoped that creating regular contact with their customers throughout shipping would reduce customer inquiries.

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The Challenge

PETER HAHN needed to unify communications across all customer touchpoints to deepen brand loyalty. Our solution effectively addressed this intricate challenge.

Our Solution

Upon swiftly integrating our platform at PETER HAHN, we assisted the company in regaining control of post-purchase communication. This has elevated the quality of the customer journey through personalized touchpoints and alleviated pressure on customer support, with customers receiving proactive shipping updates. Consequently, PETER HAHN is able to uphold its high customer service standards consistently.

The Result

Since the partnership with us, PETER HAHN has consistently garnered positive feedback on its enhanced communications. The results speak for themselves, with 73% of customers rating the communication as "very good" and a whopping 98% finding it "clear and reliable." Our portal empowers the company to effortlessly monitor the shipping process, thereby optimizing customer service.

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