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Targeted timing yields a +365% increase in ratings

About Hessnatur

Their high-quality clothing, underwear and home textiles made from natural fibers are available in their stores, outlets and online shop. Hessnatur understands the value of a good reputation. Particularly for online shoppers who cannot interact with the product themselves, the brand needs to install confidence that their products and services are good quality. Product descriptions and photos are important, but reviews and testimonials are more influential. Knowing and understanding this Hessnatur aimed to increase the amount and quality of the customer reviews they receive.

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Increase Customer Reviews

Hessnatur aimed to gather genuine and regular reviews to attract more customers. They realized engaging their customers could boost the chances of receiving fresh, authentic feedback.

With parcelLab’s technology, businesses can fine-tune when they ask for feedback, leading to more and better customer reviews.

The Solution

With our easy-to-use platform, Hessnatur can guide its customers through every step of the shipping journey, from when they confirm their orders to when they get their returns handled. To make this even better, we use smart tools to figure out the best time to ask for feedback, especially when a customer is really happy with Hessnatur’s service. This way, we get valuable and honest feedback.

The Result

Since Hessnatur began using our platform for communication after sales, they’ve experienced a remarkable 356% rise in organic reviews and a 17% boost in the quality of these reviews. These genuine and reliable reviews enhance the trust of customers and help in attracting new ones.

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