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About MOO

MOO is an online print and design company headquartered in London, UK. The brand offers customized printing services, including business cards, to customers in nearly 200 countries. Since being founded in 2004, the team have opened offices in six locations across the UK and US. The team at MOO noticed that they were delivering inconsistent experiences after checkout, and this was affecting customer satisfaction. To achieve its growth ambitions, MOO decided to onboard with parcelLab and manage every step of the customer journey.

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The Challenge

MOO’s team identified that inconsistent experiences post-checkout were affecting customer satisfaction. To reach its growth objectives, MOO chose to collaborate with SolveMate to manage each stage of the customer journey through operations experience management.

Our Solution

Through close collaboration, parcelLab and MOO crafted a customized communication workflow to enhance customer loyalty post-checkout. Utilizing specialized reporting tools, MOO has the ability to continually refine the customer experience and keep track of pertinent metrics.

The Result

Leveraging parcelLab's platform, MOO’s customers now enjoy a cohesive and engaging post-purchase experience that boosts website traffic and enhances customer value. Equipped with extensive tracking and reporting tools, MOO’s team is empowered to make informed decisions and consistently refine the service.

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parcellab convert Convert

Provide a predictive delivery date that increases conversions, reduces uncertainty, and improves customer satisfaction.

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engage Engage

Enhance your post-purchase journey with personalized communications that keep customers informed every step of the way.

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Turn potential customer dissatisfaction into an opportunity for revenue retention by digitizing your returns process.

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