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24% Less
Service Inquiries
12 Different
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Shipping Emails

Chal-Tec – Global E-Commerce

Chal-Tec GmbH is a global e-commerce player based in Berlin with a product portfolio of 13 platforms ranging from electronics to sports and modern living. Chal-Tec’s biggest onlineshop – – distributes more than 7.000 products to 18 European countries.

Electronic, sport living

Onlineshop, Amazon, Ebay

Logistics Partner:

The challenge

Seamless customer communication across all brands

Shipping Is More Than Delivery

Chal-Tec wants to offer its customers an outstanding shopping experience through seamless and transparent customer interaction, no matter which logistics provider or online shop is responsible for package delivery.

Logistics Innovation

Modern e-commerce strategies are combined with established and successful trading concepts. Being a pioneer in many ways, Chal-Tec makes new innovations in logistics as well as in sales.

Shipping to 18 countries, delivery and tracking are significant topics for Chal-Tec’s customers.

Sebastian Leiß Business process manager, Chal-Tec
At Chal-tec, we recognize that only satisfied customers become returning customers. The delivery process certainly has a extensive influence on customer service inquiries.

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The Solution

parcelLab features in action

Shipping notifications

Fully automated and branded shipping notifications


Real-time notifications in case of prolonged delivery delays

Parcel monitoring

Detailed breakdown of the delivery quality of the logistics provider

Automated customer service

Using parcelLab´s service, Chal-Tec unifies all customer interactions in 12 languages, providing proactive shipping information in case of delays as well as due to potential alternative delivery arrangements (e.g. neighbor, shop, other desired location). This is the kind of information customers are really interested in. Since August 2015, parcelLab has reduced delivery related customer service inquiries by 24%.

Transparency about performance of logistics providers

Furthermore, parcelLab´s service can be used for extensive monitoring of all carrier’s delivery times and performances. In the long run, the indication of delivery times will be integrated into the website so customers will know about their order’s arrival while adding goods to their shopping cart. In collaboration with parcelLab, Chal-Tec could reduce customer inquiries dramatically and considerably decrease expenses.

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