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peak 2022 report


Tips for best-in-class customer retention and loyalty strategies during peak 2022

The following whitepaper will take a look back at recent peak seasons, make 2022 predictions and offer tips for best-in-class customer retention and loyalty strategies.

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Why style your post-purchase experience?

Post-purchase trends, insights and opportunities from the leading apparel e-retailers.
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Are the UK’s top retailers up to scratch?

We looked at the post-purchase experience offered by the UK’s top 200 online retailers, such as & Other Stories, Bose and Zara.
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Your guide to leveling up your post-purchase strategy

Benchmark your experience against top brands like Apple, Target, and Nordstrom.
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The 2022 Guide to Future-Proof Post-Purchase Experiences

How can you push boundaries and be innovative post-checkout?
how can you improve customer experience for holiday season 2021?

Operations Experience Peak report 2021

What Operations Experience Management is and how it can keep you connected to your customers during the Golden Quarter
parcelLab UK Health Beauty study 2021

OXM in the UK Health and Beauty industry

We researched the UK’s top 50 health and beauty retailers to identify gaps in the Operations Experience and provide actionable industry tips.

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How Does UK Retail Measure Up?

We researched the UK’s top 150 retail brands to identify how brands can understand, review and learn to leverage the largest untapped revenue channel.
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How Does US Retail Measure Up?

Exclusive insights into the Top US Retailers shedding light on their CX.

Cover of the Consumer Home Delivery 2020/21 Review

Consumer Home Delivery Review 2020/21

See how the pandemic affected the way UK customers feel about home delivery.

parcellab personalized consumer experience study of people unboxing packages

A Customer’s Perspective

We surveyed over 2,000 customers to find what their expectations are when shopping online.

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E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020

We investigated the OX of Germany’s top 100 online shops.

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The Impact of Covid-19 on CX in Retail

How customer experience can make your brand stand out.

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6 tips for Reducing WISMO

Find everything you need to reduce customer inquiries. 

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UK E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020: Fashion Edition

What can customers expect from UK fashion retailers post-checkout?