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29% increase in revenue per email

True Classic Returns Confirmation email

About the client

True Classic produces butter soft, affordable, high quality fitted premium tees for men. Super versatile shirts that can be worn for any occasion including date nights, chilling at home or athletic activities.

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The Challenge

True Classic works with third-party delivery providers, so when customers purchase an item and it ships, those providers would send them a notification email with a tracking number.

Previously, those emails were not providing clarity into when the customer could expect the shipment to arrive, because there was often a delivery service handoff to a local carrier. Frustrated shoppers would ask True Classic’s customer support help desk when they would be getting their order or why their order hadn’t arrived.

Post-Purchase order confirmation email from True Classic

The Solution

With the AI capabilities of parcelLab’s platform, parcelLab was able to look at average transit times and utilize that within True Classic’s post-purchase experience to tell customers their shipments should arrive in a certain amount of days. This significantly reduced shipment-related ticketing in True Classic’s help desk.

True Classic now triggers updates automatically with parcelLab’s capabilities. From the onset, True Classic can proactively tell customers when they can expect their orders, causing a further decrease in WISMO inquiries.

parcelLab also provides True Classic with the ability to have their own dedicated tracking page and returns portal so customers get sent to True Classic’s website rather than a carrier’s site.

Customer Return Portal for True Classic

The Result

True Classic eliminated a lot of negative feedback about shipping times on third-party review sites, especially in international markets. In addition, True Classic's revenue per email (RPE) increased 29%. Historically, True Classic's RPE is significantly lower in the first quarter than the fourth, so the fact that they obtained a 29% increase was super impactful.

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*All the information gathered in this case study is credited to a Chain Store Age interview with True Classic.

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