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Returns Management Playbook

This comprehensive resource covers every component of online returns. You'll learn how to streamline your returns process, improve your customer's experience, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Playbook chapters

What Is E-commerce Returns Management?

Chapter 1 sheds light on the fundamentals of returns management (aka reverse logistics). It tackles the importance of having a solid returns management strategy and explores the benefits of implementing smooth processes.

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E-commerce Returns Management: Industry Overview

Online retailers face several challenges when managing returns, such as high return rates, reverse logistics, product condition, and cost. Fortunately, there are several ways to help you overcome these hurdles. You can reduce return rates by providing detailed fit information and ensuring your products are accurately represented on your site.

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How to Reduce Your Return Rate

Returns may be inevitable, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't strive to reduce them. This is particularly important if your return rate is high. (Regarding benchmarks, the average return rate in ecommerce is around 20%).

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What is Self-Service Return?

Self-service returns are a solution for ecommerce retailers to reduce customer service demand and costs while also delivering a better returns experience for shoppers. When you implement self-service returns, you're allowing customers to send back items using a returns portal or webpage.

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Guide to Retail Returns Management

This chapter provides strategies and examples for managing online returns efficiently to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. It sheds light on the common reasons for returns and includes action steps for navigating them.

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The Best Return Management Software

One of the best ways to minimize and optimize the returns experience is to use returns management software (RMS). RMS solutions automate various components of the returns process, such as customer communications and refunds.

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Understanding B2C Europe Returns

How do you stay competitive? A few things to consider are implementing clear return policies, offering cross-border returns, and emphasizing sustainability.

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Guide to Retail Returns Marketing

Check out chapter 8 to discover how to implement returns marketing effectively.

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Learn how you can accelerate and improve

When products are in transit, make it a point to provide updates and notifications, ideally using an automated solution.

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