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Connect customer service systems and speed up call resolution times with the new parcelLab Zendesk App

Tinka Carrick

Published on: October 13, 2022

Updated: August 28, 2023

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We’ve all been there – wondering where our parcel is or worrying about when we will receive a refund. And when companies don’t communicate with us, we feel the need to call in for answers.

The parcelLab platform was designed to keep people and brands connected, with proactive updates that keep customers informed as their order progresses. But while this may reduce customer inquiries, there will always be situations that call for human interaction. So, managing inbound inquiries efficiently remains a priority for brands.

Customer service challenges

The average inbound call is just over 5 minutes long and costs around $5.50. If a brand can successfully reduce each call duration by just 30 seconds, this will have a significant impact on the overall efficiency of their customer service teams. But is this plausible?

Research shows that the average inbound customer call will be placed on hold for around 26 seconds, often while the agent tries to find the information that they need across the various systems they use. This quickly adds up over hundreds or thousands of calls each month and represents a huge cost to retailers. It also adds to the frustration of customers, who want answers quickly.

But there is a solution to this: connecting the customer service systems that agents use so that they can find all the information they need in one place. parcelLab helps companies do this. We’re pleased to share that our new parcelLab Zendesk App is now available.

Benefits of the parcelLab Zendesk App

This new tool is designed to speed up order query resolution times to improve the efficiency of customer success teams. It allows agents to find the latest, most accurate shipping and customer information within their existing tools. The new app is fully integrated with Zendesk and is available now via Zendesk Marketplace.

1. Find everything in one view

The new app gives agents access to all relevant order and returns information in a single view. So, the app will empower your customer success team to handle incoming order queries and WISMO calls with greater speed and efficiency.

  • Product details
  • Latest shipping status, full history + estimated delivery date
  • All customer communications sent (email, SMS, etc.)
  • Real-time information in one view

2. It’s fully integrated with Zendesk

Zendesk is an award-winning customer service software that connects your support team with customers across all communications channels. Once installed, the parcelLab Zendesk App object is shown right next to the customer support ticket, allowing order details and status updates to be streamlined and displayed in one place automatically.

  • View full parcelLab tracking data inside Zendesk, not just latest delivery status
  • No need to switch between Zendesk and the parcelLab Portal
  • Save time and increase productivity

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3. Access multi-package shipments

The parcelLab Zendesk App is designed to make tracking and monitoring multi-package shipments user-friendly. This allows agents to pinpoint the specific information that they need in the quickest way possible.

  • Simplified view for multi-package shipments
  • Most critical deliveries at the top
  • Colour coded incident highlighting for disruptions
  • Clear user-friendly display for speed and efficiency

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4. Easy to find status updates

The app makes the latest status code accessible to customer service agents, who can easily find the status update they need by using the simple color-coding system. This allows the team to find the details they need to answer questions more efficiently.

  • Color-coded delivery statuses
  • Quick to scan and easy to view

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5. Records are automatically matched

Order numbers or customer emails are automatically matched to display the correct tracking data for the support ticket, making it even easier and quicker to resolve delivery-related queries. Agents also have the option to manually search using the search bar. Searching by customer email address will display the customer’s full purchase history with current and previous orders, returns and deliveries.

  • Automatic matching of order number or customer email
  • Search by email address reveals full purchase history
  • Empower your team to deliver a better customer experience

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Available now via Zendesk Marketplace

In the end, the shorter the call, the better the experience for the customer. And the happier both customers and agents will be! Not to mention the improved occupancy rate and significant cost savings which can be achieved.

Get your team delivering faster, more efficient post-purchase customer service with the parcelLab Zendesk App, available to download now from Zendesk Marketplace. Contact your parcelLab Account Manager to find out more and get set up.

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