Post purchase is before purchase

We enable a perfect communication between shops and their customers during shipment.

Shipping Is more than delivery

parcelLab makes your shipping process smart, emotional and personalized.
Proactive shipping notifications

Tell your customers what they really want to know

With parcelLab you guide your customers through the entire shipping process. Communicate shipping problems at an early stage and turn one-time buyers into loyal customers.

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Great news! Your order will arrive tomorrow at 2 PM 😍

Unfortunately the delivery driver missed you 😥 But you can pick up your order until 8 PM at the ParcelStore Munich 👍

Have fun with your order. We would really appreciate a positive shop rating 😊

Custom track & trace page

Bring your customers back into your shop

With your custom track & trace page in your shop you can create a personalized shopping experience. Utilize valuable traffic, which would otherwise be wasted to UPS, FedEx & Co.

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Easy integration in three steps

No code, no hassle. parcelLab can easily be integrated into any shop

1. Set up BCC email

Simply add parcelLab ass BCC of your shipping confirmations, we'll fetch all the data ourselves

2. Marketing Campaigns

Set up your marketing with coupons & product feeds, we'll take care of the emails

3. Done

That' all! Sit back and enjoy happy customers and more sales

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Meet successful parcelLab customers

More than 280 shops trust parcelLab. Together we create outstanding shopping experiences every day.