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Which external systems is parcelLab integrated with?


Published on: March 5, 2021

Updated: August 29, 2023

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Firstly, our platform is proud to be integrated with some of the most reputable systems across the retail space, including SAP, Zendesk, Oracle and Trustpilot.

Integrating with our platform via these systems is simple. For a parcelLab integration, no technical resource is required from your side – our platform can simply be plugged in. But, unlike any other, we don’t do ‘one-size-fits-all’ – we will work with you to create branded experiences that embody your style and help achieve your business objectives.

Therefore, you’re free to create fully branded, personalized content that keeps your customers updated and engaged with your brand for longer. A parcelLab integration enables you to transform information from various data points into a single system that harmonizes your data. Essentially, this means that you can automate communication workflows without any coding. In this way, you can deliver the best possible operations experience for your customers to reach your business goals.

Customer-focused updates

Create a workflow designed around your processes. For example, send automated ‘Missed delivery’, ‘Ready for pick-up’, ‘There’s a delay’, ‘Thanks, we’ve received your returned item’ emails and more. You can see some examples from our customers here.

Order status page

Provide customers with a live look into their order’s progress, within a branded experience. Keep your customers engaged for longer and drive traffic back to your site. Plus, this will drive down your customer inquiry rate.

Embedded content

Also add personalization by including targeted, branded images, videos, recommendations or reviews to each customer touch point. This will leave a lasting impression and give them a reason keep coming back!


Next, use our dedicated portal to analyze, compare and improve your logistical processes. Also, you can monitor progress against KPIs and understand areas of weakness. Then, if something goes wrong and a customer does call in, the portal will have already alerted you to the issue. So, your service team will be able to quickly identify and resolve the issue.

Our network

Our network includes reputable brands you may already use for marketing, customer service, content, feedback, events or fulfilment software. So, integrating with our solution can connect you to other software solutions you work with. Consequentially, your solutions will be streamlined and connected for easy management.

Start your parcelLab integration

In summary, if you’re ready to transform your data into a personalized end-to-end customer journey, get in touch. Alternatively, you can schedule a free demo or, visit the parcelLab integration page to learn more.

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