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Celebrating 5 years of parcelLab!


Published on: Aug 28, 2020

5 years ago our founders Anton Eder, Tobias Buxhoidt and Julian Krenge founded the idea of ​​parcelLab. What’s happened since then? How has the company developed from a start-up helping retailers improve their post-purchase customer journeys to the specialists for operations experience (OX)? Let’s take a look…

How it all started…

Tobias Buxhoidt and Julian Krenge got to know each other through a matchmaking event at EU funding program “SpeedUp Europe”. Anton Eder was then found through a job advertisement on the start-up scene and was added as the third founder.

Through their experience in the field of logistics, in 2014 the three recognized that changes needed to be made to how retailers treated their customers.

The idea for parcelLab came about through discussions with retailers who complained about a lack of transparency and customer experience during shipping.

How it all started – the three founders.

Our history

Starting with the three founders, over 80 operations experience experts now work across our four offices in Munich, London, Paris and Los Angeles.

The most important milestones:

  • August 2014: The idea of ​​parcelLab was born
  • July 2015: The first customers test the parcelLab solution
  • September 2016: The first investors are brought on board
  • November 2016: More than 100 online shops are now live
  • January 2017: We move into the new office at Munich Central Station
  • June 2017: Over 250 online shops are live
  • December 2017: Series A financing with our existing investors and Takkt & Coparion
  • May 2018: Relocation to the new Munich office in Schillerstrasse
  • July 2018: Market entry in the UK
  • November 2018: UK office opens in London
  • October 2019: Series B financing with our existing investors and Capnamic Ventures
  • February 2020: Opening of the French office in Paris
  • April 2020: Opening of the US office in Los Angeles
  • July 2020: parcelLab celebrates its 5th anniversary
Our parcelLab office at Munich Central Station.
Our office in Schillerstrasse.
The new office near Poccistrasse.
Our first London office for one employee.
Our London office now.

parcelLab – the most important facts & figures at a glance

From a three-person start-up to a company with 80 employees – parcelLab has grown enormously in the past five years and our globalization is progressing steadily.

parcelLab in numbers:

  • 80 employees
  • 4 offices in Munich, London, Paris & Los Angeles
  • 500+ brands
  • 45 countries
  • 32 languages

A photo speaks a 1,000 words: 5 years of parcelLab


Why our customers love parcelLab

parcelLab currently optimizes operations experience for more than 500 brands in order to offer their customers the best possible shopping experience.

The GRANIT PARTS brand stands for customer orientation and reliability. This is not only evident in our products, but also in our shipping communication thanks to parcelLab. ”Benjamin Luyten, Head of International Partner Shops at Granit Parts

Many thanks to our customers for their trust and loyalty over the past 5 years!

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