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Customer Experience Trends - Porsche with innovative loyalty program?


Published on: Oct 1, 2020

It’s that time again!
We’ve been on the lookout for the best innovations and must-read news in the field of customer experience and of course want to share them with you again.
So here we go with your summary of the news on the topics of after-sales services, customer loyalty and logistics.

We hope you enjoy reading!

Customer loyalty

Porsche launches electric mobility loyalty program

Porsche is moving forward with new services in addition to vehicles and charging infrastructure as part of its e-mobility offensive.

With “&Charge”, for example, Porsche Digital has now also spun off its own loyalty program in the field of e-mobility.

The offering comprises a digital platform through which users receive credit for their online purchases for electromobile travel.

For all purchases, bookings and other transactions processed via the &Charge platform, users receive so-called “kilometers”. These can then be redeemed as charging credits for electric cars or free rides on public e-scooters and car-sharing services, among other things, reports

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P&C launches new loyalty card program

Düsseldorf-based fashion chain Peek & Cloppenburg is relaunching its loyalty program.

In the future, loyalty card holders will be able to collect points at P&C and Anson’s, as well as in the multi-label retailer’s online stores.

Cooperations with other retailers are apparently also already being considered, reports


How startups are combating the flood of returns

Every second item of clothing ordered online is returned.

The mountains of returns are now immense. Digital measuring technologies are now helping customers to order off-the-peg fashion with a precise fit.

“Incorrectly ordered sizes are the main reason for returns in the fashion sector,” says Leon Szeli, founder of has more details.

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Meet us at CX1 CONFERENCE Digital 2020

The leading customer experience conference in the German-speaking world enters its second round on September 10 – this year purely online.


Asda Improves Operations Experience

Customers of the British supermarket chain “Asda” who order the fashion brand George will in future be informed in detail about every step in the shipping process.

“We want to improve the online experience for our customers and understood there was a need for more communication between placing the order and delivery,” Asda manager Neil Drake told

To which we can only add: Absolutely right insight, but unfortunately the wrong service provider. @Asda: If you really want to take your operations experience to the next level, you know how to reach us. 😉

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“Posti Box” optimizes parcel pickup experience

The example of Posti Box from Finland shows how to make parcel pickup more customer-centric.

According to a report by, for example, the site offers customers the opportunity to try on clothes ordered online immediately and, if necessary, return them directly without having to go home first.

Packaging materials can also be disposed of at Posti Box, and a spotlight section has been created at the front of the space where various online retailers can present a curated selection of their products.


Germans buy more online on account

For just under a third of all German online shoppers, buying on account is the most popular payment method, shows the current EHI study “Online Payment 2020,” reported by
This means that the popularity of this payment method increased by 1.5 percent compared to the previous year. A possible reason for this development could be that Amazon quite actively promoted the payment method to its clientele.
In second place among the payment methods with the highest turnover is PayPal. The share of this payment method amounts to 20.2 percent.
Direct debit takes third place with a share of sales amounting to 18.3 percent.

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How rapidly expanded logistics during the Corona crisis

Swisslog customer Competec/BRACK.CH was able to grow disproportionately during the Corona crisis. According to the company, a system of three AutoStore systems from Swisslog was scaled up within a very short time to cope with the demand.


3U has a hall built in Koblenz for online sanitary ware trading

According to a report in Immobilien Zeitung, 3U plans to handle deliveries for the online trade of its subsidiaries in the plumbing, heating and air-conditioning sector, in particular the Selfio platform, from a new logistics center in Koblenz in the future.
About ten million euros will be invested by 3U in the distribution center, which will cover a good 15,000 square meters.


Prime retailers that fulfill themselves need to get faster

Those who participate in Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime program and ship their items themselves will have to pack packages on weekends in the future in order to meet the two-day deadline.
In return, they will be rewarded with a larger customer radius, because Amazon will no longer limit the offer to the seller’s region.
The pressure must apparently be correspondingly great: Because currently only 15% of the self-shipped Prime packages arrive on time at the customer, reports

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Logistics and Fulfillment – Bracing for the Second Wave

How can retailers prepare their logistics for a possible second wave of Corona or even another lockdown?
It is important to be flexible, to prepare the necessary precautions in good time and, in any case, to have a good Plan B – so that Christmas business does not suffer. subscribers can read the details online.


Arvato analyzes packaging trends

Shipping packaging should be one thing above all: secure protection for the contents – and easy for consumers to open.
But that’s exactly what often seems to be lacking, according to a study by Arvato reported by Only 52% of the companies surveyed from the fashion and beauty sector use perforated packaging to make it easier for customers to open the carton. And the trend toward greater sustainability is still only discernible to a limited extent in e-commerce packaging.


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