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parcelLab launches Campaign Manager to Empower Personalized Post-Purchase Customer Journeys



Published on: September 26, 2023

Updated: September 26, 2023

The new functionality is designed specifically for marketing and digital teams that want to leverage high-engagement communications

BOSTON, September 26, 2023: parcelLab, the premier global provider of post-purchase customer experience software, today announced the launch of Campaign Manager. The new intuitive, self-service content tool that empowers non-technical users to easily set up, run, and measure the impact of post-purchase marketing campaigns. A product within the parcelLab Engage suite, Campaign Manager provides retailers with statistical visibility when creating or updating audience segments for more impactful post-purchase communications that drive brand loyalty, engagement, and revenue.

Segmented customer experiences are critical for brands looking to drive engagement and repeat customer orders. Since the second purchase a customer makes is more profitable than the first, personalization is vital to driving growth. To meet this need, Campaign Manager provides a seamless user interface (UI) for ecommerce, product, marketing and customer support teams to quickly leverage high-engagement communications for audiences that boost customer retention all in one place. Users can build influential campaign audiences based on tracking stages, individual rules, or rule groups. For highly targeted audiences, users can easily combine groups based on data, including products ordered, customer location, marketing segment, or order-specific information such as delays. The solution also enables visual campaigns for a targeted audience that drives click-through.

With Campaign Manager’s dynamic design, brands can tailor use cases based on the business impact they wish to achieve, including reduction in shipment inquiries such as unsuccessful or delayed, mobile app adoption, foot traffic to physical stores, and customer loyalty programs. With data-driven visibility over campaign reach for a defined audience segment, brands can strengthen personalized touchpoints with value-added and memorable content such as tutorials, guides, and inspiration for a specific product. Campaign Manager also enables brands to market to those who have signed up for campaigns with targeted promotions for new customers that drive higher engagement.

“We can easily find 100 use cases for Campaign Manager,” said Marten van der Meer, Knowledge Specialist for a global multi-channel retailer. “We look forward to exploring those possibilities with parcelLab to enhance our post-purchase communications further.”

“Retailers need to effectively target repeat customers as customer acquisition costs continue to rise,” said Tobias Buxhoidt, Founder and CEO of parcelLab. “Campaign Manager enables brands to make data-driven decisions on campaigns based on clear insights regarding impressions, click-through rate, and comparison between multiple campaigns to target repeat customers effectively. parcelLab is committed to working with our global clients to drive growth by enabling them to manage the post-purchase experience efficiently while boosting profitability through meaningful, personalized touchpoints.”

“Our company’s business model demands high volume and cross-border shipments, which include multiple processes across different geographies to deliver the package successfully,” said José Pedro Sá, Senior Business Analyst – Delivery, FARFETCH. “By launching Campaign Manager, we enhanced the delivery experience for customers by sending alerts for additional customs clearance information required. We reduced delivery-related contacts by 30-40% in the first roll-out and are now expanding the solution to new locations to localize the customer experience and best serve our customers.”

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parcelLab is the only truly global enterprise post-purchase software provider, enabling brands to increase top-line revenue, decrease operational cost, and optimize customer experience in an unprecedented way. Our award-winning post-purchase platform empowers brands to transform mundane operational touchpoints into the most differentiated and personalized experience, creating unique moments of pure joy for their customers. Trusted by over 800+ brands including IKEA, Chico’s, H&M, and Yeti, we actively manage the post-purchase experience across 175 countries and track shipping data from more than 350 carriers worldwide. Find out more at www.parcelLab.com.


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