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Communicate updates on ​time-critical deliveries​


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Granit | Communicate updates on ​time-critical deliveries​



One of Europe’s leading wholesalers of replacement parts and accessories in the agriculture sector

Granit Parts, a well-known replacement parts specialist, distributes products for agricultural machines, gardening tools and construction vehicles. The brand works with 35,000 dealers, providing high-quality services and products to businesses across Europe.

Because of the nature of their products, delivery is a time-sensitive issue. Often, Granit Parts’ customers are businesses that need a replacement part in order to get their job done. This means that in order to maintain their reputation, it’s paramount that any delays are communicated in a timely manner.




Proactive order updates

Granit Parts understands that their products are critical for businesses, and so the team do everything in their power to ensure that every order is delivered on time.

But inevitably, there will always be delays. Because of the duty of care Granit Parts have to their customers, the team decided to find a solution that enabled them to communicate delays much more proactively.

They hoped that this would allow them time to find an alternative and minimize the stress on their customer and avoid any delay to their projects.

Our platform enables event-triggered communication and therefore Granit Parts felt we were the best match for their needs.

Benjamin Luyten

The brand GRANIT PARTS stands for customer orientation and reliability. This is not only reflected in our products, but thanks to parcelLab also in our shipping communication.

Benjamin Luyten Head of International Partnerships
Benjamin Luyten
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Granit Parts tracking notification Your Shipment has been delivered!



Detailed, timely communication

Granit Parts leveraged our solution to provide proactive communication in the event of a delay.

These updates include specific details about which items in an order are affected so that the customer can plan accordingly.

With our live Order Status page, Granit Parts allows their customers to track the real-time progress of their order. This page is completely white-labelled and can be personalized with targeted content such as videos based on their purchase and more.




Informative, transparent customer journey

Since working with us, Granit Parts has added high-quality, valuable customer touch points to their post-sales experience.

This further supports the brands credibility as customers can trust them to communicate proactively.
Furthermore, the personalized, detailed customer touch points have contributed to a 15% drop in their inquiry emails and a massive 20% decrease in inbound customer calls.

This has reduced the cost and workload of the sales team, as well as increasing the happiness of customers.