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Customer Experience Trends - Amazon, Amazon and more...Amorelie


Published on: November 16, 2020

Updated: August 29, 2023


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Amorelie engages customers with sex training in its own app

Customers often download apps from retailers once and don’t look at them a second time. To make sure that doesn’t happen, the erotic mail order company has pulled out all the stops when it comes to seduction. A “Love Trainer” in the app offers a kind of training and education program for lovemaking. took a closer look. With clever gamification, users can increase their sex expertise and support their own “love level” with the appropriate product placements, or recommendations, of course.


Consistently German:

37% have ever boycotted a brand because of a scandal

According to a recent study by YouGov, one-third of all Europeans have boycotted a company at some point after it had indulged in a scandal.

Needless to say, we Germans are once again seen to be particularly consistent here.

53% of German respondents said they had already boycotted a food brand or would do so. 29% boycott car accessories and manufacturers, 25% also fashion brands and retailers.

66% of German brand boycotters say they follow through strictly (against 61% of all European boycotters).


Google brings “Play Points” to Germany

The search engine launched its own rewards program called “Google Play Points” in Japan in 2018. Users can collect points by shopping in the Google Play Store and exchange them for credit in the Play Store or convert them straight away into paid content in selected apps and games. The program took off in the U.S. in 2019 after its launch in Japan – and is now coming to Germany, Basic Thinking knows.


Walmart+ arrives

U.S. retail giant Walmart is reporting strong numbers for its new customer loyalty program. According to a survey by pollsters Piplsay, reported by, 11 percent of respondents said they had already subscribed to the program, which launched two weeks ago. Fifty-three percent were at least aware of it, and 27 percent indicated interest.




What experience customers expect in shipping and what retailers offer them


Retailers are sometimes completely missing the real needs of their customers when it comes to optimizing and aligning the shipping experience, our recent consumer study “E-Commerce from the Customer’s Perspective” shows. The biggest discrepancies are found in shipping costs, the choice of logistics service provider and shipping communication, among other things.


Amazon goes AR

Quietly, Amazon has launched its own augmented reality application. Codes on the company’s shipping boxes can be used to launch an interactive AR experience. Different Amazon boxes also offer different activities and effects for the AR experience.

Just try it out for yourself.

On Amazon packages you will currently find a QR code. If you scan it, AR experiences are played for you, according to TechCrunch.


Environmental awareness is increasingly changing shopping behavior


People’s shopping behavior is changing, and not just because of the Corona crisis. Concern for the environment is also leading consumers to store differently and, for example, to be more critical when selecting products and services, reports.



How Rewe has accelerated the growth of its online business


The supermarket chain has ramped up 500 new pickup stations for online orders in two months, according to a report by Location Insider.

The rollout is based on commercetools’ API-based technology.


Amazon to open FBA for shipping to Switzerland

Since January 1, 2019, FBA shipments were no longer delivered to customers from Switzerland.

The reason was the new Swiss VAT law. Apparently, however, Amazon does not want to continue to leave the lucrative Swiss market to the left and dares a new attempt, knows

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More News from Amazon

Amazon is testing software for delivery robot Scout in Tübingen, Germany. In the U.S., the small blue robots regionally already deliver packages – to make it work better, the software is to be tweaked in Tübingen, reports Fashion United. Amazon is investing in a new team to research autonomous delivery technologies in Germany.


Amazon shows off the first of its planned 100,000 e-delivery trucks. By 2030, Amazon plans to have 100,000 all-electric delivery trucks on the road. Now the e-commerce giant has unveiled the first Rivian-built e-van.



It goes to the next round!

The Christmas season will be a little different this year.

During the lockdown, online retail experienced more growth in a very short period of time than it has in the last decade. And this trend is expected to continue. Experts predict that a large proportion of the population will shop primarily online this holiday season. For retailers, this represents both an enormous opportunity and a challenge.

Here are five ways we can help make the peak digital season as effective as possible in keeping your customers happy.


Gorillas plan to expand to Cologne

The Berlin-based delivery service is pushing ahead with expansion. After launching its third location in Berlin-Friedrichshain, the startup is preparing to launch in Cologne and is looking for staff for there, Exciting Commerce has discovered.


Food delivery booms sustain

30 percent of Germans had vegetables, fish and co delivered in July and August. Before the outbreak of the pandemic in September 2019, the figure was 22 percent. These are the findings of the study “What consumers think of food deliveries”, for which 1,000 people were representatively surveyed in July and August 2020 on behalf of Eismann in cooperation with the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF).

In the process, the proportion of those who order regularly rather than just trying it out once doubled.


Start-up Mister Postman takes deliveries from parcel stores to customers


Parcel stores simplify deliveries, but of course require customers to go to the store. Start-up Mister Postman, based in Mülheim an der Ruhr, arranges deliveries from the store to the front door and also takes care of returns – at agreed-upon times.

The aim is for residents to take on these tasks for their neighbors. According to information from, the service is to be extended to the entire Ruhr region by the end of the year.


Returns are higher in Germany than in the rest of Europe

Returns rates at German online retailers are higher in Germany than abroad. This was the finding of a study by DIHK and ibi research in Regensburg. A correlation with the payment options offered was also found, reports

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How many parcels German consumers receive per year

3.65 billion shipments of goods were received by private individuals and companies in this country last year.

That’s according to a study published by postal service provider Pitney Bowes. If one calculates the sheer volume down to all inhabitants, the result is an average of 44 parcels per person and year. In 2020, this figure is sure to be topped.


bevh criticizes planned price increase by DHL Paket

bevh CEO Christoph Wenk-Fischer sees the increase in parcel prices for business customers of DHL Paket announced for January 1 as a fatal signal – especially for stationary retailers. “Another round of price increases for parcel prices is being ushered in. After years of continuous growth in our industry, we continue to wait in vain for the promised ‘scaling effects’ that are supposed to bring efficiency and cost savings with increasing parcel volumes,” Schuhmarkt News quotes the association head as saying.

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