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August Product Innovations - parcelLab Portal

Tinka Carrick

Published on: August 23, 2023

Updated: September 6, 2023

August Product Innovations - parcelLab Portal

Powerful Insights Drive Smarter Decisions

Know exactly how your business is performing and make smart data-driven decisions with parcelLab’s . This is where you can find visualizations of your data according to various metrics. In this section of the parcelLab portal, you can track logistics performance, monitor customer engagement/satisfaction, and more.

This month, the parcelLab Portal was redesigned to make the data presented clearer and easier to understand at a glance. We also added new filter options to allow for more granularity, along with new reports and metrics to give you greater insights.

What’s New

parcelLab Portal collage

Fulfillment & Delivery

In addition to the existing reports, these new metrics give you even greater visibility of your fulfillment operations including more analytics on general performance, lead times, and delivery issues.


EmotionAI is a new subsection that helps you analyze your customers’ text reviews, easily highlighting strengths and weaknesses. It also helps identify topics your customers are talking about in reviews, which orders received a bad score and areas in which your customers rate you best/worst.

Network Monitoring

New metrics around outbound orders, emails, and orders with issues will offer more granular insights in near real-time, so you can take corrective action quickly and stay in control.

Customer Promise

A new report offers a one-glance view of early and late deliveries based on customer promise. This includes:

  • Number of parcels arriving before the promise date
  • Delays at the warehouse location
  • On-time delivery (performance versus promise)


With returns forecasting, your brand can view a forecast about returns volume versus actual returns, so you can plan workload and resources more accurately. Additional enhancements include estimated returns arrival date which helps to optimize stock planning and inventory status with details on when each item will arrive at your warehouse.

New Filter Options

New Filters in parcelLab Portal

Achieve greater granularity and make comparisons easier and quicker by filtering by warehouse or region of the world.

How to Get Started

All these new features are now available in the parcelLab portal. Please note that some of these are based on which parcelLab products you use. Contact your account manager to learn more or log in to the parcelLab portal to get started.

Written by

Tinka Carrick