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parcelLab CEO discusses SAP.iO on Industry Insights podcast


Published on: Apr 8, 2021

Tobias Buxhoidt, CEO of parcelLab, was interviewed by Josephine Monberg on the SAP Industry Insight’s podcast. Recently, parcelLab took part in SAP.iO. The program helps start-ups develop innovative solutions. Tobias and Josephine were joined by Max Kissel, fellow SAP.iO attendee and founder of Soley.

During the podcast, Tobias expressed gratitude for the SAP.iO program. “We’re very happy that we’re doing this with SAP. Specifically, the .iO program has helped us a lot… gaining visibility, getting in front of customers. And, I’d say that it also implies a certain quality level when you’ve been chosen to be a part of a small group of SAP start-ups. So, that’s a big honour for us.”

Our innovative solution

Put briefly, our platform helps brands to deliver quality communication throughout all operational processes. This includes delivery, shipping and returns. We replace carrier emails. Instead, we give brands control of their end-to-end communication.

Tobias says, “Whenever products are being shipped, it is important to be there for the customer and offer a good service. That’s where we come in. The reason we exist is that there’s a problem that wasn’t solved before. It’s not just about shipping stuff anymore. It’s about what digital services you can create around it.”

Listen now

You can hear Tobias talk more about SAP.iO in the podcast here. It’s a great way to get an overview of our platform and we benefit brands and their customers. Also, take a look at some best practice emails post-checkout emails delivered by our customers.

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