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Our Shopify integration is now available


Published on: Jan 17, 2021


Our integration with Shopify gives customers access to more features within our platform. This also makes it easier for merchants to get started with us. Especially for online stores that don’t have their own development team, it’s never been easier to connect with us!

What does our Shopify integration do?

It works quickly and easily to connect to our platform through Shopify. The integration gives us access to all relevant information about each customer’s order. We use this data to create an outstanding customer experience for the end customer. This allows us to offer personalized post-sales communication with relevant content at all times.

You can benefit from our Shopify integration by easily designing an outstanding end-to-end customer experience. Add valuable content to your emails, such as a product recommendation based on the customer’s order history. Or link to relevant product reviews. Feel free to tailor these messages to your liking. For example, boost your customer ratings by adding a Net Promoter Score (NPS) to your emails. Or bring more customers back to your website by adding a coupon or discount code. As long as Shopify has the data, we can use it to create the best possible shopping experience for every customer!

Take advantage of Shopify integration now!

We’ve already received great feedback on the parcelLab and Shopify integration. You can also learn how it all works in our Integration Guide. If you have any questions for our team or would like to improve your customer experience, just contact us anytime!

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