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How do you explain Operations Experience Management to a colleague


Published on: Jun 6, 2021

operations experience

Operations Experience Management might be a new term, but there’s nothing new about what it refers to. In a nutshell, Operations Experience is everything that happens after a customer checks out of an online shop. Think purchase confirmations, dispatch notices and delivery success emails. But unsurprisingly, there is a bit more to it than that. So, with this in mind – how can you explain Operations Experience Management to a colleague, or someone that hasn’t heard of it before? And importantly, how can you get their buy-in?

What is Operations Experience Management?

There are countless operational processes throughout each customer journey; occurring in warehouses, on delivery trucks, during repairs and returns, under warranty and more. During these processes, customer experience is rarely well managed. That’s largely because the amount of complex data that needs to be gathered, analyzed, cleaned and harmonized to deliver relevant, real-time value is too overwhelming. But the reality is that leveraging data is key to outperforming competition and impressing customers. Operations Experience Management is the combination of operational processes with customer experience, further enhanced by personalization.

Why is Operations Experience Management so important?

With engaging new touch points, brands can deliver more opportunities to make a lasting impact on their customers. Delivering real-time value and relevance through a personalized, engaging experience will maximize customer loyalty, prolong brand engagement and increase revenue. For the customer, a well-managed Operations Experience brings an enjoyable, informative journey.

Impact in numbers 

To demonstrate the value that this has on brands, let me talk you through some great success stories from our customers. Firstly, Lidl saw a 12% increase in basket size. Additionally, 85% customers returned to their online store via their new parcel tracking page. Meanwhile, Weltbild decreased their returns by 5% and received 75% open rate on new post-purchase emails. Also, MediaMarkt created 2.5 million new customer touch points with a 71% open rate. And, 11teamsports increased revenue by 19%. This demonstrates the versatility of our solution and how impactful it can be on several pain points. So, whatever you want to improve on, we can support you on it.

Get in touch 

At parcelLab, we harness and enrich data, so brands don’t have to. This enables them to reimagine a customer journey without limits. A great way to understand Operations Experience Management is to take a look at our solution in action. So, when you’re sharing all this info with your colleague, I’d also recommend a demo. We’ll walk through the platform together and answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, it is also really beneficial to take a look at some great examples of outstanding Operations Experience Management from our customers. This will give them an idea of how our solution works, and maybe even give them some inspiration!

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