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What is Operations Experience Management?

At its core, Operations Experience Management (OXM) is when a brand makes a commitment to manage the entire experience they deliver to their customers.

There are countless operational processes throughout each customer journey, occurring in warehouses, on delivery trucks, during returns and more.

operations experience management

During these processes, customer experience is rarely well managed. That’s largely because the amount of complex data that needs to be gathered, analyzed, cleaned and harmonized to deliver relevant, real-time value is too overwhelming. But the reality is that leveraging data is key to outperforming competition and impressing customers.

OXM is for any brand that wants to make customer experience a priority throughout all stages of the customer journey – including dispatch, delivery, returns and beyond.

Why we need Operations Experience Management

Historically, after checkout, brands hand over control of the customer experience to third parties, like carriers for example. That’s because there is too much complex operational data to be gathered, cleaned and harmonized for brands to do it themselves.

But the reality is that generic, impersonal post-checkout experiences are disappointing people. And brands are missing out on the opportunity to stay connected to their hard-won customers.

Operations Experience Management platforms provide a solution to this. We handle the data, so brands are free to deliver an experience of their own design, within their own ecosystem.


Post-purchase communication falls under the umbrella of Operations Experience Management. It’s undoubtedly an important element of great customer experience. But Operations Experience Management does not focus on one part of the journey. Instead, it helps brands to streamline and enhance the entire experience they deliver.

How is Operations Experience Management different to post-purchase communication?

Unfortunately, post-purchase communication without OXM has developed a bad reputation. It is renowned for being one-dimensional and generic. Some solutions in the market provide a plug-in to automate customer updates after checkout, but these are often sent from outside the brand’s ecosystem. As a result, there is still a disconnect between the brand and the customer.

With OXM, the customer journey becomes a cycle, with lasting connections and continuous engagement.


OXM is key to sustainable growth

Design an experience around your customers. Create new, valuable touch points that simply didn’t exist before.

Customize experiences

Build trust

Put a stop to generic, jargon-filled updates. Send reliable, personalized communication that your customers deserve.

Personalize every detail

Tailor every touch point around the person receiving it. Add relevant content that will spark interest and add value.

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Features of OXM

Nurture loyalty

Recommend related products, services or upgrades to drive your repurchase rate.

Create a community

Deliver an experience that embodies your brand. Use branded assets like images, fonts, and colors that make each touch point feel familiar.

Exceed expectations

Our data core enables you to deliver real-time updates. Add valuable information, like local weather forecast, opening hours, traffic updates and more.

Monitor performance

Access carrier data for valuable insights on last mile performance. Identify trends in a dedicated reporting tool.

OXM: Impact in numbers

  • Double-digit increase in average order value
  • Over 90% email opening rate
  • 25% less WISMO (Where is my order?) calls
  • 3x increase in customer reviews
operations experience management

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