Understand your logistics performance from order to door to return

Find out where you fall short of customer promises and make improvements for a better post-purchase customer experience.

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Analyse your logistics with parcelLab
Number of Shipments and Number of Delivery Exceptions parcelLab dashboard

Get better insights into logistics performance

Improve your post-purchase customer experience by understanding where you fall short of customer delivery promises. Get an exact picture of historical performance that’s accessible all in one place. Compare all carriers across all regions or dive into a local view.


Combine performance and customer sentiment for a complete picture

Add upvote downvote polling questions to order status pages and delivery communications to collect customer sentiment on order delivery and communications. View by carrier or country in your parcelLab portal to better understand your logistics performance.

carrier performance platform parcelLab
parcel delivery exceptions rate dashboard with parcelLab

Act on missed promises

With watchlists and alerting you can identify when things aren’t going to plan during a delivery and take proactive action with your warehouse, carrier or directly with customers. See shipments that don’t dispatch on time, forgotten packages that are registered but have no inbound scan, or detect delays when too much time passes between scans. Automatically alert customer service teams or trigger special communications to show customers you care.


Adjust forecasted delivery dates based on real performance

Use your own real-world performance data to feed future customer delivery date promises. With a continuous loop of machine learning for better predictions, active monitoring, and a long-term view on performance across logistics partners and regions you’ll have all the transparency you need to deliver the best post-purchase customer experience.

Robin Jakoby

parcelLab provides all parties with more transparency in the otherwise opaque shipping process. The customers know the current status of their order and we know whether everything is running smoothly with our logistics partners. In addition, we are now learning much more about what our customers think about us. This is a real win-win situation for everyone.

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Robin Jakoby
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Logistics Performance Analytics Features:


Delivery Exceptions

See exceptions by type, country, and track trends over time.


SLA Monitoring

See how carriers perform against a benchmark average across a variety of metrics like misrouted and recalled packages.


Reverse Logistics

See carrier performance across benchmarks for order returns.


Average Runtime

Break down runtime performance from order to door and every step in between.

Featured Capabilities

integrate your system with parcelLab


We’re flexible. Send order data by file, API, webhook or stream, and we’ll take care of the rest. Take advantage of our standard integrations with most shop systems such as Shopify, Magento, and SAP.

integrate carriers like tnt, ups, dpd and dhl with parcelLab


We’ve got integrations with hundreds of the most common carriers around the globe and we add new carriers every week. Our dedicated carrier team keeps integrations and data updated and optimized for consistent and clear communications.

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