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Help your agents deliver better post-purchase customer service

Connect your post-purchase data with your customer service tools and get:
• Increased productivity
• Reduced handle time
• Happier agents and customers

Simplify your customer service workflow

Help your agents work more productively. Give complete visibility to buying history, order and tracking details, returns, and communications all in one place so agents can reduce call handle times and answer order delivery questions faster. Everything agents need to address post-purchase inquiries is available in the parcelLab portal or can be integrated with the most popular support and ticketing tools from Zendesk, SAP Service Cloud and more. Agents report higher employee satisfaction when armed with a simplified workflow and the necessary knowledge to have better interactions that build customer trust and loyalty.

Proactive and efficient customer service

With watchlists, alerts, and automated ticket creation for delivery and returns issues agents can save a lot of time and get ahead of potentially negative customer experiences before shoppers reach out for help. Whether it’s a delay in the warehouse or with the carrier, a lost package, or failed delivery attempt proactive support can make a huge difference in customer loyalty.

Streamline returns and warranty management

For retailers with complex returns or warranty management, a digital process complete with ticket creation can really streamline the process for both agents and customers. Collect all the relevant pictures, descriptions, and ownership details from customers through your returns portal and automatically create tickets and labels to improve agent productivity and reduce turnaround times.

Cut down on customer wait times

Let your chatbot handle the repetitive post-purchase questions that bog down agent queues and drive-up call wait times. With a simple API, your chatbot can address order, returns, and shipment tracking questions 24×7. Make customers happy with easy and accessible answers anytime, and free up agents to focus on more complex customer problems.

Customer Service Hub Features:

parcelLab Service Portal

Unlimited user access. Give agents access to all shipment and communications details on every order all in one place.

Machine Learning Algorithm

Ticketing Tool Integrations

Easy setup. Get order, tracking and communications details displayed in helpdesk tools like Zendesk and SAP Service Cloud.

Order Status Page

Returns & Claims Ticket Creation

Automatically generate tickets for more complex returns or claims management. Includes product information, photos, and label details.

Customer Service Portal

Watchlist Alerts

Automatically create and resolve tickets for packages with incidents during processing, shipping, and returns.

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