Post-Purchase Success Podcast: How is TikTok Transforming E-Commerce?

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How is TikTok Transforming E-Commerce?


Published on: May 9, 2024

Episode 3: How is TikTok Transforming E-Commerce?

Episode 3

Welcome to Post-Purchase Success, the podcast series from parcelLab, where we discover how brands and leaders from retail and e-commerce have transformed their experience.

In this episode, we’re joined by Logan Dunn, Head of E-Commerce at Wyze, recorded live on the conference floor at ShopTalk 2024 in Las Vegas!

Logan talks to us about social media and the role that TikTok is playing in really transforming third-party e-commerce.

We also talk about scalability and commerce platforms, something that Logan knows a huge amount about. We also, of course, spoke a little bit about the post-purchase experience and why that’s such a special part of the journey for a Wyze customer, as well as the techniques that Wyze is using to re-engage with their customers.

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