parcelLab CEO featured on The Retail Focus podcast

Last week, our founder and CEO, Tobi Buxhoidt, was interviewed on The Retail Focus Podcast. The episode focused on post-sales communication in e-commerce. Listen to the episode to find out why retailers should take control of their end-to-end customer experience 

The Retail Focus podcast is a great source of news, interviews and updates from the world of retail. The podcast’s host, Trent Kling, was keen to know what our platform can achieve for retailers, and why it is important right now.  

Close the experience gap  

In the podcast, Tobi and Trent talked about why end-to-end customer experience is so important. Tobi explained that allowing third party carriers to communicate with customers is problematic. He discussed how owning contact will help to ensure high standards. Plus, retailers can design and deliver communication in line with their business goals, style and branding. Additionally, it gives retailers the opportunity to solve issues like delays and returns. “If you’re not taking care of the overall experience, it can lead to quite a lot of frustration from the consumer and missed opportunities for creating happiness,” he says.    

“We believe in communication.” 

Tobi and Trent agree that retailers should be regularly communicating with their customersparcelLab’s solution is white label, so we can create post-sales communications for each retailer.  We’re enabling retailers to provide highly customized post-sales communications – notifications ranging from communicating what’s happening in the warehouse, throughout shipping, throughout returns and even throughout warranty, repairs or any other kind of service use cases.” For example, if you sell a bike, add tips on how to construct and care for it. Or, add related products to the emails. This will boost brand engagement, customer satisfaction and repurchase rates. 

Listen now 

This podcast will help any e-commerce retailer who wants to understand how owning post-sales communication can add value to their business and their customers. If you’re interested in using post-sales communication to generate sustainable business and a loyal customer base, listen to the podcast now. 

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