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We're pleased to announce our expansion into Asia


Published on: Dec 4, 2020

parcelLab Team

Until recently, we have worked with over 500 leading brands in Europe and North America.  However, due to increasing demand in the market, we have expanded our offering to support forward-thinking online businesses in Asia.

This enables our existing and new customers to send branded post-sales communications in Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Our goal is to help businesses world-wide deliver their best end-to-end customer experience.

Who is parcelLab?

At parcelLab, we enable brands, online retailers and B2B distributors to regain control of their end-to-end customer journey. Currently, many businesses lose this control of the customer relationship after checkout. Often, third party carriers start communicating instead. We enable brands to retain all touch points within their own ecosystem. Our customers enjoy automated communication with consistent branding, proactive customer care and maximized cross and up-selling.

“We believe that the best post-sales customer experience needs to have a strong focus on our clients’ specific customer and brand requirements,” said Tobias Buxhoidt, Founder and CEO of parcelLab. “CX alone does not help a business to differentiate themselves if the normal standard solution is chosen. We offer a unique platform, which is a fully customisable toolbox to fulfil our clients’ requirements for the best end-to-end CX.”

Why is parcelLab expanding?

Our platform is not an off-the-shelf product. We believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, our team offers a broad feature set that can be exactly tailored to our clients’ requirements. As a result, customers report an increase in retention and basket size. Additionally, parcelLab customers often reduce inbound enquiry rates. For example, Lidl increased basket size by 12%. MediaMarktSaturn (Europe’s biggest Electronics retailer) is making significant additional revenue every month by sending engaging, relevant cross-selling communication. This expansion means that new and existing customers in Asia can also achieve these business goals.

If you would like more information about how parcelLab can support your team, or if you’d like to schedule a demo, please contact us.

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