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5 ways parcelLab can support brands during peak season

Published on: November 7, 2020

Updated: August 29, 2023


Während der Sperrfrist verzeichnete der e-commerce in nur drei Monaten ein Wachstum wie seit zehn Jahren nicht mehr. Dieser Trend dürfte sich fortsetzen, denn Experten sagen voraus, dass die meisten Menschen in dieser Hochsaison online einkaufen werden. Dies ist für den Einzelhandel eine große Chance und Herausforderung zugleich. Zum einen ist es eine großartige Chance, die fehlenden Umsätze zu Beginn des Jahres auszugleichen. Aber wie können Marken den Lärm durchdringen und einen nachhaltigen Eindruck bei ihren Kunden in dieser Hochsaison hinterlassen? Hier sind 5 Möglichkeiten, wie parcelLab helfen kann, die digitale Hochsaison so effektiv wie möglich zu gestalten.

Proactive communication

parcelLab works with brands to automate communication throughout the customer journey. This will optimise customers‘ post-sales experience. Firstly, brands need to identify milestones throughout their sales journey wherein they want to provide communications with their customers. These communication can be dynamic, time-optimised or event-triggered. Then, parcelLab will ensure customers receive the right message at the right time. Even during peak season, brands can provide engaging, accurate communication to their customers. Plus, inbound enquiries stay low because customers are always kept informed!

Order Status

parcelLab’s Order Status page is a fully branded and white-labelled integration into an online shop. It allows customers to view the exact status of their order. This means that they can see what stage of the journey their delivery is. Customers can quickly and easily check this without having to contact anyone in your team. Additionally, brands can use customers’ individual data to deliver a highly personalised and relevant experience. So, related products, reviews or content can also be displayed on this page to improve overall experience and drive traffic to your site.


parcelLab’s solution for returns communication involves the customer receiving a returns activation notification when the package has been redeemed. Then, a success notification will be sent to the customer once it has been delivered back to the retailer. If something goes wrong, parcelLab will send a delay notification. This makes communicating with your customers about returns simple and engaging. Customers are kept informed throughout the journey, and don’t call up to ask about refunds etc. This is a huge help to retailers, especially during their busiest days. Additionally, brands can use the information they collect to forecast return volumes, for example ‘How many parcels will arrive each day.’ This data can be really valuable for increasing the efficiency of processes, especially during peak season.


Using parcelLab enables retailers to monitor and analyse shipment data. parcelLab provides a Communication Dashboard to customers to outline email performance and analytics, as well as logistics provider analysis. To enable customer success, parcelLab also provides ongoing support and account management for their customers. This is a great tool during peak season, especially because for many companies this is the first time that they have had such a focus on e-commerce. This tool will allow transparency to the retailer who will clearly be able to see how to make improvements for the future based on the data they receive. This data will be beneficial now as well as in future.


Brands don’t want to just win one-time customers from peak season, they want to create lifetime brand ambassadors. The way to do this is to exceed customer expectations every time. No one knows your customers like your customers, so why not ask what they think of the service you provide? Take their feedback onboard and make improvements where necessary. parcelLab enables brands to create a real-time NPS score by adding questions like “How likely is it that you would recommend [brand] to a friend?” to emails, and within the Order Status page. This can be a simple rating tool to maximise engagement.

Get ready for peak

To learn more about how post-purchase communications can help your brand throughout peak season and beyond, watch our webinar now.

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