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Christmas in e-commerce - the most important facts


Published on: Dec 26, 2018

Oh merry Christmas time! However, this is not only true for private individuals, but also for e-commerce. For online retailers, Christmas is an enormous sales booster. But why exactly is the Christmas season so important for e-commerce? How many people buy their gifts online and, above all, where? These and many other questions need to be answered.

How high are Christmas sales in online retailing?

E-commerce sales at Christmas continue to rise from year to year. In 2012, they were still at 7 billion euros. In 2015, Christmas sales have already risen to 10 billion euros and continue to rise steadily. Therefore, last year online retail recorded sales in the Christmas business of 12.2 billion euros. This year, sales are expected to rise even further. Experts are predicting around 13.4 billion euros.

When are Christmas gifts bought?

Early birds start buying their Christmas gifts before November. About 18 percent of people don’t want to stress out before Christmas, so they’re getting started buying gifts early this year. Last year it was still 2 percent less. After all, a proud 37 percent already buy their gifts before December to escape the hustle and bustle and stress and thus make up the majority. About 30 percent, however, take their time with it. They do not buy their gifts until December or even up to 10 days before Christmas.

Where do people most often look for Christmas gift inspiration?

The search for the right Christmas gift begins for 47 percent on the Internet. Stationary retail is in second place with 43 percent. Customers prefer it because they like to be able to touch or even try on certain products. For 35 percent of Germans, personal recommendations, e.g. from friends or acquaintances, are at the top of the list. Magazines or periodicals are the first port of call for 30 percent when looking for inspiration.

Where are Christmas gifts bought?

Brick-and-mortar retailers still lead the pack this year when it comes to buying Christmas gifts, at 53 percent. Compared to last year, however, stationary retail has lost 15 percent. This is in contrast to online retail, which has increased from 12 percent last year to 21 percent this year. The online purchase of gifts is increasing year by year and may soon catch up with stationary trade. For 26 percent of Germans, there is no preference when buying gifts.

Where do Germans find their Christmas gifts?

Amazon is way out in front. 72 percent of Germans use Amazon to buy their Christmas gifts. It is followed far behind by eBay with 33 percent. Platforms such as Zalando or Otto are just behind eBay with 32 percent. Around 30 percent of Germans buy their gifts directly from online stores.

By when do parcels have to be shipped to arrive on time for Christmas Eve?

This is probably one of the most important questions for many people, because it is not uncommon for gifts to be procured at the very last minute. However, it is more than understandable that parcel service providers can only deliver on time up to a certain date. So that there are no disappointed faces, the packages should be sent by 22.12.2018 with DHL, so that they can also lie under the tree on time for Christmas Eve. For GLS, UPS and DPD, 21.12.2018 is the last possible shipping day. Those who order from Hermes should keep in mind that the package should be shipped on 20.12.2018, so that their loved ones can hold their gifts in their hands in time.

Small tip: With the checklist for online retailers nothing stands in the way of a successful Christmas business.

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