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Valentine's Day in e-commerce (infographic)


Published on: March 10, 2020

Updated: August 30, 2023

After Christmas and birthdays, Valentine’s Day is the most important occasion for ordering gifts online, and these are increasingly being bought on the Internet. Around 40 percent of Germans order the gift for their loved one online. Even flowers are delivered to the beloved quickly and conveniently by online purchase. This is great news for all online retailers, because in 2018, gross sales in online retailing amounted to 14.6 billion euros in the months from January to March.

The most important facts about Valentine’s Day

Germans are relatively spendy on Valentine’s Day. Around half of those surveyed spend more than 30 euros on a gift. The online store is the most popular place to go for 36.5 percent of women when it comes to buying a gift. For men, the flower store is still in first place with 34 percent. As was probably to be expected, jewelry, flowers and beauty products are in first place. Growth in jewelry and watches was 34.8 percent in the first quarter of 2018. Three out of ten purchases are already being made via mobile devices.

To make the scale of Valentine’s Day a little more tangible: On Feb. 13, for example, 500 percent more flowers are bought or ordered than in the entire rest of the year.

Valentine’s Day in e-commerce (Infographic)

Valentines day in ecommerce infographic

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