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WISMOlabs vs parcelLab: A Comparative Guide


Published on: Mar 18, 2023


WISMOlabs vs parcelLab: platforms overview

To begin, let’s discuss both platforms at a high level.

parcelLab overview

parcelLab was founded in 2015 and is trusted by over 700 leading brands, including Bose, H&M, Yeti, IKEA, and many more. Our post-purchase solution provides delivery prediction, parcel tracking, , and return management—all of which can be fully customized to deliver a branded customer experience.

parcelLab offers 100% white labeled capabilities, meaning your customers will have a consistent brand experience throughout their shopping journey. We also understand returns can be a pain point for many customers. That’s why we have a hosted on your website, which allows them to select items for exchange and share their reason for returns (all while driving traffic to your site). We also have a partner network to make returns seamless and offer multiple options for your customers.

Finally, we offer worldwide shipping, enabling your business to deliver a global experience with an optimized customer experience.

WISMOlabs overview

Founded in 2019, WISMOlabs is a newer player in the post-purchase software market. The company offers order tracking and predictions for delivery dates, customer communication, and data analytics. Some of their publicized customers include Monoprice, Tecovas, Capezio, and Perdue.

WISMOlabs does not offer support for returns currently, and while a solution is in the works, there’s no information on when the capability will launch. Finally, WISMOlabs only operates in the United States and is best suited for and marketed towards small businesses.

Implementation Comparison

~ 30 days

High-touch, collaborative, and fully supported onboarding
Not enough data, though customer reviews suggest a fast onboarding experience

Onboarding with such a critical provider for your business sets the tone for your experience, and a long lead time or poor communication can make or break the relationship. Here’s how parcelLab and WISMOlabs compare from an implementation standpoint.

parcelLab implementation

We know getting started fast is a top priority when it comes to shipping and logistics. That’s why we strive to onboard and implement parcelLab capabilities in 30 days or less. Most of the time, the entire process takes around two weeks, and we take care of the heavy lifting. Our implementation process includes the following:

  • Set up the data transfer
  • Set up the carrier data transfer
  • Customize the customer experience and add your branding to the parcelLab platform
  • Determine the events that trigger customer communication
  • Design and create shipping notifications
  • Add marketing messaging to the shipping notification
  • Create and design your embedded tracking page
  • Set up portal accounts
  • Test the whole experience
  • It’s go time!

We’re with you every step of the way and offer global support with implementation teams based in the US and Europe, so you can do business in your time zone.

WISMOlabs implementation

WISMOlabs advertises its solution as “fast and easy to implement,” and customer reviews confirm the process is expedient. However, only a few reviews are available, and many also state the product is not particularly user-friendly. A recurring theme in the reviews is good customer service, but the limited data available on the various review sites, such as Capterra and G2, is worth noting.

While WISMOlabs offers a short implementation period, as short as a week, reviews suggest the platform is not intuitive and requires customer support throughout the process. Given that their team is small and customer service only operates in the US, this may be a deciding factor in making your choice.

Customer communications: differences between WISMOlabs vs parcelLab

Fully branded and customizable white labeled communications

Emails are sent from your domain
Branded and customizable communications

Unclear on whether or not customer comms are white labeled

Once they place the order, customers eagerly await their package, with research showing they check tracking information four-to-five times per order. Here, we’ll detail the differences in customer communication between parcelLab and WISMOlabs.

parcelLab communications

Whether your customer wants an email, text, or in-app notification, we’ve got you covered (and then some). are fully customizable and white labeled – creating a seamless experience for your customer and driving additional traffic to your website. parcelLab communications are also sent from your domain and entirely in your branding.

parcelLab shipping updates vs wismolabs

WISMOlabs communications

WISMOlabs integrates with several leading shipping carriers, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more. With these integrations, it can provide shipping updates and notifications, including automated delivery alerts and status updates. WISMOlabs also has a dashboard that displays carrier performance, allowing you to see which carriers are performing well (or not).

Branding and tracking platform comparison: unique features of parcelLab

Fully branded and customizable white-labeled order tracking page

The page is hosted on your website
Branded and customizable pages

No mention of white-labeled solutions on its website

Post-purchase, you have a prime opportunity to continue the relationship and further establish your brand. How you communicate with customers in the shipping process can result in repeat business and loyalty. Let’s discuss the branding and tracking platform comparison and what makes parcelLab unique.


With parcelLab, your order tracking portal is hosted on your domain. So, when shoppers regularly check their package tracking, they’re directed back to your website when they view their order details. This encourages more web traffic, resulting in 200-400% more traffic on the status page.

branded order tracking wismolabs vs parcelLab


Similarly, WISMOlabs also advertises a fully customizable and personalized branding and tracking experience. However, the platform doesn’t offer a split shipment order view, and if orders are shipped in multiple packages, the communication may confuse the customer. Further, there is no warehouse integration with WISMOlabs, meaning warehouse delays and dropship information is likely limited or unavailable.

Delivery estimates comparison: how accurate is the data?

Direct API and easy integrations with 350+ carriersIntegration with a handful of carriers, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS
Near real-time order updatesUnclear on whether or not real-time updates are provided

Providing proactive and predictive delivery estimates and updates is a helpful way to avoid customer inquiries about their package. Partnering with a post-purchase communication provider that gets ahead of these inquiries saves your business time and resources.

parcelLab delivery estimates

parcelLab has direct APIs with more than 350 carriers, meaning accurate information is at your customer’s fingertips. This gives them near real-time insights into the status of their packages. Plus, directly integrating with the carrier means the data is available more quickly without having to scrape data from carrier sites (which is clunkier and less accurate).

WISMOlabs delivery estimates

Similarly, WISMOlabs has API integrations with several carriers and offers shipment notifications and delivery predictions. Many leading integrations are advertised, as are delivery estimates and multi-channel customer communications.

Customer service: how WISMOlabs compares to parcelLab

Customer service is one area where you want to set yourself apart from the competition. Have a look at how parcelLab and WISMOlabs compare in their customer service offerings.

parcelLab customer service

As a global-minded company, parcelLab proudly offers dedicated EU and US support. We pride ourselves on providing quick and knowledgeable responses. But don’t just take it from us. Here is what one of our reviewers on G2 had to say:

“While the product itself is clearly the outcome of an excellent product culture at parcelLab, the team that supports us is also a huge part of our success. They are by far the most proactive success and technical team I have worked with…”

WISMOlabs customer service

WISMOlabs only offers support in US time zones, which may not be an issue since they also only offer services within the US, but it is worth mentioning nonetheless. While WISMOlabs advertises that customers have a “direct line” to their leadership team, it is unclear how well-resourced their customer support function is.

All the being said, users seem to be happy with WISMOlabs’ customer support. “Working with the WISMO team has been great. I get responses to my questions extremely quickly,” writes one user.

Pricing comparison

Finding a post-purchase solution that doesn’t break the bank is likely a priority for your business. Here’s a breakdown of the options offered by parcelLab and WISMOlabs

parcelLab pricing

At parcelLab, we believe you shouldn’t pay for services you don’t need. To determine the best option for your needs, we recommend booking a demo to identify the specific package that will suit your needs. We offer the following bundle options to streamline your purchase:


  • parcelLab Promise


  • parcelLab Track & Communicate
  • parcelLab Service
  • parcelLab Campaign Manager


  • parcelLab Returns


  • parcelLab Insights
  • parcelLab Connect
  • parcelLab Security

We also understand that your business is unique and adjust our pricing based on your needs to offer a fully customized package.

WISMOlabs pricing

WISMOlabs doesn’t have public-facing pricing information, but its website mentions “flexible pricing” as a benefit. Further, their product is tailored towards small businesses, indicating an affordable price.

Why is parcelLab the better post-purchase platform?

Between the two, parcelLab is best equipped to handle your current and future business needs. With global operations, return management, and dedicated customer support, we can truly meet the needs of your business—now and as you grow.


What are the cons of WISMOlabs?

As a relatively new player in the post-purchase software market, WISMOlabs has limited offerings and is not equipped to handle international orders or returns.

Customer reviews also indicate that the product is difficult to use and that some desired notification options are unavailable.

Does parcelLab offer better integration in comparison to WISMOlabs?

parcelLab has a more robust integration offering compared to WISMOlabs. We offer more than 350 integrations, including return integration on your website. Though much of this functionality is in the works at WISMOlabs, it is unclear when those features will be available.

WISMOlabs tracking vs parcelLab tracking: Which is better?

Because WISMOlabs can’t integrate with warehouses or drop shippers, its tracking and notifications may be less accurate and unable to communicate some delays. parcelLab has a more robust integration offering and more precise tracking information.

WISMOlabs vs parcelLab: Which reduces WISMO (Where is my Order?) more?

Superior integrations and delivery notifications make parcelLab more likely to reduce WISMO inquiries. Both options may work for your business, so it’s important to research pricing options, capabilities, and specific features that are more beneficial to you. Either way, a post-purchase platform that sends proactive delivery communications will reduce WISMO inquiries.

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