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How-to: Manage the shipping process yourself (worth it!)


Published on: Jan 31, 1970

Many online stores offer their customers an outstanding shopping experience before as well as during the order process. But after sending the order, they simply stop doing so and leave it to the logistics service provider.

Shipping is one of the most emotional stages of the customer journey

Many retailers are unaware that for customers, waiting for their package can be very emotional. They ask themselves questions such as “When will my package arrive?” or “Is there any difficulty in delivery?”. If these questions are not answered proactively by the retailer, they turn to customer service. For this reason, it is even more important that customers are proactively and reliably informed about delivery updates and changes at all times. The customer journey does not end with the click on the buy button, but represents a never-ending cycle at best.

More Operations Experience in Delivery

Not only customer satisfaction, but also efficient processes on the retailer side stand or fall with operational order processing, the Operations Experience (OX). This starts with service and winds its way through warehouse processing to shipping and returns. Yet companies still have little visibility and little to no control over the OX.  Many retailers still leave important touchpoints, such as post-order communication with online shoppers, to the logistics provider. This is a big mistake, resulting in the loss of not only insightful consumer data but also upselling opportunities. Customers, in turn, receive only cryptic messages that leave them still in the dark about the order status.

It is therefore elementary that retailers control all relevant process steps in fullfilment themselves. Only in this way can problems be identified and circumvented at an early stage, important touchpoints be used and turned into a service plus. This is ultimately reflected in repeat store visits and an increase in sales. Operations Experience platforms such as parcelLab offer workflow control at all relevant points in the process as well as individual, personalized customer communication. If a delivery is delayed, customers are automatically informed. At the same time, additional relevant content can be used to guide shoppers back into the store and encourage them to make a new purchase.

Advantages of the self-directed shipping process

  • More sales
  • Fewer returns
  • More brand experience / customer experience
  • Fewer customer service inquiries
  • Higher repurchase rate

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