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parcelLab partners with Double Good to support its exponential growth


Published on: Jun 18, 2022


At parcelLab, we’re pleased to announce that we have partnered with Double Good, a brand that has revolutionized product-based online fundraising. Double Good prides itself on creating joy for others. In fact, 50% of every dollar made by Double Good goes straight back to supported organizations. It is this ethos that drives the team to partner with parcelLab, to deliver more joyful experiences.

The popularity of digital fundraising has continued to soar in recent years. To date, Double Good has helped to raise over $200 million to support US organizations by creating delicious popcorn sold via a user-friendly online platform.

But digital fundraising has its own challenges. For example, Double Good recognized a large influx of inquiries from customers wondering where their delivery is. Communication after checkout was limited, and this caused a noticeable disconnect from customers.

Anton German, CTO of Double Good, said: “For a time, we were limited when we could send, for example, a delivery survey to a customer. We didn’t know when the order arrived at their doorstep.”

How parcelLab supports Double Good

To tackle this issue, Double Good has partnered with the leading Operations Experience Management platform, parcelLab. The team will leverage parcelLab’s advanced API and world-class data platform to communicate with customers during production, shipping, and delivery. This increased transparency will put customers at ease and create a more joyful experience.

Anton German commented: “[Now,] We have more control between email communication, text communication, the receipt page, the pre-checkout. So we always ensure there isn’t any inconsistency. Maximizing personalization and being able to send the right message at the right time is really valuable for us.”

parcelLab’s unique and seamless pairing of automation and authenticity will enable Double Good to more quickly and efficiently expand its operations to match its sudden growth. As a result, fundraising organizers will benefit from deeper insights on orders and a new set of tools to better drive success and encourage continued support, all integrated within Double Good’s platform.

A long term partnership

Because parcelLab’s platform is scalable, we can support Double Good long-term. This means that as more and more fundraisers get involved and operational capacity increases, we can continue to support the growing demand.

Tim Heitmann, founder and CEO of Double Good commented:

The past year has marked a major point of growth for us, and we know that we’ll need to evolve our experience management tools to keep up with all of the good our partners are driving. Integrating our processes with parcelLab is exactly what we needed to bolster the experience we give to shoppers on our platform, enabling us to take on more fundraisers than ever before and continue innovating the ways we drive success for our partners.

Tobias Buxhoidt, CEO and founder of parcelLab said:

It’s thanks to our uniquely customizable approach that our customers, like Double Good, are able to rapidly implement our tools and scale their operational support quickly. There is no one-size-fits all solution for brands and their shoppers, and that’s exactly why we solve the growing pains of brands that need to quickly evolve by providing tailored operations solutions and invaluable communications to support people and brands.

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