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parcelLab is among the top 10 start-ups worldwide


Published on: May 30, 2020

We are pleased to announce that we are among the top 50 global startups operating in the “retail tech” space, according to a new report published by RWRC.

What is the Discovery 50 Report?

RWRC selected the best top retail tech startups from around the world to work with retailers to provide innovative solutions to transform their business processes for the Discovery 50 Report. When the report was originally announced in November, times were very different for retailers. As the pandemic has forever changed the way the world shops, leaders must quickly adapt to digital transformation while ensuring their employees remain healthy and safe.

RWRC could have delayed the report because of the coronavirus, but they believe that now is exactly the right time for retailers to open up to new innovations and different ways of thinking.

Looking to the future

While investing in new technology may be the last thing on online retailers’ minds right now, the industry should take a moment to reflect and look to the future. The pandemic will end eventually, and merchants will need to plan their future after the coronavirus. Discovery 50 shows how startups can help retailers seize new opportunities and best address existing challenges.

Why retailers should partner with startups

Many e-commerce companies are not yet aware of the potential that working with a startup offers to innovate their business processes. Now more than ever, retailers need to think outside the box and consider how they can stand out and create the best customer experience.

Crucially, fostering start-up partnerships enables retailers to better compete with the growing number of disruptors and direct-to-consumer brands entering the market. Where these brands are using innovation and tech infrastructure to grow fast and connect with consumers, retailers can match this by adopting game-changing solutions offered by start-ups.Discovery 50 Report

parcelLab featured in Discovery 50 report

We are pleased to announce that we are one of the “Top Picks” in the Discovery 50 Report. These are the top 10 companies that the judges believe have the potential to transform commerce.

While companies with brick-and-mortar stores are struggling in the current downturn, GlobalData believes Covid-19 will have a long-term positive impact on the e-commerce sector. The judges acknowledged that with this new customer base now moving online, the customer experience is extremely important. E-commerce merchants can use this time to engage loyal customers and make marketing and communications more productive – not just through their website or checkout, but through proactive and personal communications beyond the order (e.g., through shipping notifications and delivery updates).

For this reason, the judges selected parcelLab as a ‘Top Pick’. And here’s what the judges had to say about parcelLab:

parcelLab turns boring shipping information into real communication, offering customers the tools to monitor shipments. Clearly a win for customers and retailers, and it demonstrates how a retailer can control a tricky touchpoint, turning it to their advantage


How can parcelLab support online retailers?

There are many ways parcelLab can help merchants both in the current crisis and in “normal” times. Contact us to learn more about how we can improve your customer experience.


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