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Best Selling Days: The 6 strongest selling days of the year


Published on: Dec 23, 2016

The Best Selling Days are just around the corner!

As every year, German online retailing reaches its peak during the Christmas season. Online shoppers spend the most money at this time: on gifts for family and friends, or the odd bargain for themselves. Gifts are sent all over the world. But the so-called “Best Selling Days” are no longer limited to the Christmas holidays. At the latest since Black Friday and Cyber Monday are no longer foreign words in this country, the German online trade is already booming from mid-November.

It is important that online portals make the shopping experience as pleasant as possible. Shipping and delivery must go smoothly. Merchandise must be available – that’s obvious, but the customer’s delivery preferences must be taken into account just as much. In this way, customers can be won over and this can result in a positive effect throughout the year. If customer requests are met on time, especially during the Christmas season, the likelihood of repeat purchases increases. The following days in November and December must be taken into account:

1) Black Friday – November 25, 2016

Black Friday, or Black Friday, is celebrated every year the day after Thanksgiving – it often serves as a bridge day for an extended, work-free weekend. This day is not only very important in the USA, but is also becoming increasingly important in this country. Black Friday traditionally ushers in the buying season for Christmas, (online) retailers often offer attractive special promotions, discounts or a very special customer experience. In some cases, shoppers wait for hours in front of stores, often even with tents, sleeping bags and plenty of food, to then pounce on the bargains in chaos. Of course, this is much more relaxed online.

2) Cyber Monday – November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday is the technology equivalent of Black Friday – on this day a kind of closing sale takes place on the Internet. The day was created by the U.S. National Retail Federation after it was found that Americans were happy to continue their Black Friday shopping online on this day after the long Thanksgiving weekend. Online stores offer discount promotions specifically for this day. Since 2010, the day has also become established in Europe.

3) Christmas shopping highlight – December 7 to 15

Based on a customer survey, EHI-/Criteo was able to identify the days when most gifts are purchased. Consumers were asked from when and over what period of time they engage in Christmas gift shopping. Activities start as early as October/November and initially focus more than 80% on inspiration, browsing and selection. Actual purchasing then increases from December onwards until it peaks in the period between December 7 and 15.

4) Free Shipping Day – December 18, 2016

Customers can order from small and big online stores on this day without paying shipping fees. As a rule, it s guaranteed that the package will be delivered before Christmas Eve. Already 660 retailers worldwide participate in this promotion. Since this day is shortly after the highlight of Christmas shopping, especially e-commerce companies can benefit from the short-term purchasing power and lure customers by offering free shipping.

5) Last minute shopping – Dec. 22-24

Especially men are known for the fact that they get a gift at the last moment of their loved ones. Ideas take them up thereby over’s Internet and usually there of the simplicity also directly the order takes place. There is no longer any hesitation, because after all, you can’t end up without a gift. Online retailers can profit by advertising individual, creative and loving gifts for the ladies and promising fast delivery times or referring directly to their local store. In 2016, however, Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday. In our parcelLab parcel study, we found that there are on average 9 times more delivery problems on Saturdays.

6) Returns or returns – Dec. 24 and early January

Especially after 24.12. the numbers of returns extremely upwards and thus clearly outweigh the number of returns distributed over the rest of the year. Distributed over the entire year, however, on 1 January most orders are returned. Even with returns, it is worthwhile to shine with a particularly easy and customer-friendly return, because if everything goes smoothly, the customer is happy and will gladly order again.

Make your Christmas business a customer experience

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