Post-purchase platform for pharmacy and medical supply delivery
Give patients the most convenient post-purchase experience

Keep patients coming back and cut customer service costs with a HIPAA compliant post-purchase platform

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Post-purchase platform for pharmacy and medical supply delivery in ecommerce

Benefits for pharmacy and medical supply delivery retailers


Increase website conversions

Show how quick and convenient your shopping experience is. Display delivery date promises on product pages and at checkout for a competitive edge.


Create a stand-out customer experience

Proactive and engaging post-purchase communications raise you above the ecommerce competition when price and products are similar.


Drive demand for lower time to next purchase

Add personalized health content and recommendations to get more repeat visits from delivery communications


Drive down customer service costs

Go from reactive to proactive communication and enable self-service options like chat for quick 24x7 answers to “where is my order” questions.


All the post-purchase tools you need for



Exceed your patients’ high expectations for a quality post-purchase experience.

  • Keep patients informed as prescriptions and medical supplies are packed and shipped, not just on carrier scan, for immediate updates after purchase.

  • Make it easy for patients to track the progress of medication or medical supply shipments from “my account” pages so they always know what will be delivered and when.

  • Reduce the risk of failed delivery attempts with critical delivery window updates shared across channels – email, SMS, web, and app push notifications.



Leverage your data to tailor post-purchase experiences. Share content that’s most relevant to each customer’s healthcare needs to become an integral part of their long-term care network.

  • Stop relying on generic shipping messages. Humanize your transactional communications with more information on managing conditions, automated refill instructions, or subscribe and save options.

  • Give curated recommendations for pharmacy essentials, medical device accessories, replacement parts or hygiene staples based on each customer’s individual order history.

  • Create dynamic post-purchase journeys to handle any situation. Recover from delivery missteps before they affect your customer experience with custom messages and special incentives for everything from early delivery, to trending late, to damaged or lost deliveries.



Make shopping for healthcare needs online easy and stress-free with quality care in mind at every step of the post-purchase journey.

  • Set expectations early by displaying delivery date promises pre-check out.

  • Create customer journeys that anticipate and address customer delivery questions, even for the most fringe cases.

  • Empower self-service support by connecting post-purchase data with chatbots for quick access to “where is my order” questions 24x7.

  • Give customer service agents more time to spend with patients. Empower them with all the order details, delivery updates, and customer communications history they need to quickly answer inquiries. All in a single view within the parcelLab portal or integrated with your customer service systems.

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