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Post-purchase platform for cosmetics and beauty brands by parcelLab

Benefits for cosmetics and beauty brands


Enrich your brand experience post-purchase

Give a high touch, personalized experience just like your beauty customers get when shopping in store.


Drive demand and lower time to next purchase

Share influencer content, personalized beauty suggestions, and how to demos to get even more engagement with delivery communications.


Drive down customer service costs

Go from reactive to proactive communication and enable self-service options like chat for quick 24x7 answers to post-purchase questions.


Easy returns

Build trust and strengthen customer relationships with an easy, transparent digital returns process.


Cosmetics and beauty brands trust parcelLab with their post-purchase experience

Parfümerie Akzente
Nu Skin

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Create deeper connections with your beauty shoppers by proactively meeting their post-purchase needs.

  • Keep customers informed as items are packed and shipped, not just on carrier scan. With integrated systems it’s easy to share immediate updates after purchase.

  • Present order and shipment tracking on your “my account” pages so customers always know where to look for the latest information.

  • Give customers the convenience to track delivery updates via SMS, chatbot, email, or app push.

  • Make first impressions last with distinctive order status updates that feature immersive brand content, event invites, special previews, or online exclusives.



Accelerate growth with hyper-relevant content specific to each customer and their experience.

  • Show your diversity with personalized status updates tailored for each beauty shopper, not generic messages.

  • Give curated recommendations for accessories and upgrades based on each customer’s individual order history.

  • Feature social proof like online reviews and influencer recommendations related to what’s in each beauty shopper’s order.

  • Segment customers based on their current experience – whether they got an order on time or returned it – adjust content and communications flows to fit.



Make buying cosmetics and beauty products online easy, fun, and stress-free with great service in mind at every step of the post-purchase journey.

  • Set expectations early by displaying delivery date promises pre-check out.

  • Empower self-service support by connecting post-purchase data with chatbots for quick access to “where is my order or return” answers 24x7.

  • Create journeys, not touch-points. Go beyond carrier status updates, with proactive post-purchase and returns communications.

  • Give customer service agents all the order details, shipping and returns status updates and communications they need in a single view for more efficient calls that free up time for more challenging customer issues.



Build trust and strengthen customer relationships with an easy, transparent process.

  • Reduce your shoppers’ anxiety around making cosmetics and beauty purchases online with hassle-free returns and exchanges.

  • Give customers the convenience and flexibility of choice with return pick-up, shipping, or drop-off in store options available through your easy to setup self-service online portal.

  • Ensure shoppers get exactly what they want while you recover revenue faster with options for exchanges, gift cards, or store credit.

  • Keep your customer relationship going with engaging returns shipping and refund notifications.

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