Post-purchase platform for B2B Ecommerce companies
Get the best parts of a B2C post-purchase experience tailored for your business needs

End-to-end solutions to engage customers, reduce time to next purchase, and drive down service costs.

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Get the best parts of a B2C post-purchase experience tailored for your business needs

Benefits for B2B ecommerce companies


Protect your brand reputation

Treat each customer with a one-of-a-kind experience that doesn’t rely on standard carrier status updates or off-the-shelf templates.


Drive down customer service costs

Go from reactive to proactive communication and enable self-service options like chat for quick 24x7 answers to post-purchase questions


Drive demand and lower time to next purchase

Make the most of shipping communications to get buyers thinking about their next purchase while they wait for delivery.


Reduce the impact of returns

Customize your returns process with different rules, logic, and communications flows to reduce invalid returns and recover revenue faster.


B2B ecommerce brands trust parcelLab with their post-purchase experience


All the post-purchase tools you need for



Create a more personal B2C-style experience for B2B buyers. Improve post-purchase transparency and keep your buyers engaged to build loyalty.

  • Keep customers informed with frequent updates on order progress from production to delivery.

  • Leverage carrier data for the most transparent and proactive communications about potential delays or disruptions.

  • Let customers track orders right from your “my account” pages so they’ll always know where to look for the latest information.

  • Deliver the same amazing experience for split-shipments coming from warehouses, stores or third-party logistics providers with the flexibility to pull together data from multiple sources.

  • Reduce the risk of failed delivery attempts with critical delivery window updates shared across channels – email, SMS, and app push notifications.


Enterprise level service

Improve your post purchase service experience for business-critical deliveries.

  • Empower self-service support by connecting post-purchase data with chatbots for quick access to “where is my order or return” questions 24x7.

  • Proactively answer the most frequent customer questions. Enhance delivery notifications with educational content and product documentation for installation, setup, or user instructions.

  • Give customer service agents all the order details, shipping status updates and communications history they need in a single view for more efficient calls that free up time for more challenging customer issues.

  • Automatically flag exceptions straight to customer service personnel to head off any potentially negative experiences.

  • Turn delays or disruptions into opportunities by offering codes or coupons for free shipping or discounts on future orders.


Cross selling and upselling

Subscription sign-ups or quick reordering on tracking & in comms

  • Give personalized recommendations for parts, accessories, upgrades, or complimentary products based on each businesses’ order history.

  • Target or suppress customers from seeing ads based on their experiences post-purchase.

  • Ask for testimonials or reviews at the right time.

  • Turn delays or disruptions into opportunities by offering codes/coupons for free shipping or discounts on future orders.



Build trust and strengthen customer relationships with an easy, transparent process.

  • Get your digital returns portal up and running quickly for hassle-free returns that build customer confidence in making large or expensive purchases online.

  • Specify return reason logic for each product to reduce invalid returns.

  • Offer repair and replacement options, store credit, or exchanges to recover more revenue faster.

  • Give customers frequent updates on return shipping status, receipt, and refund or credit processing.

  • Collect pictures and comments for returns and warranty claims that need validation. Automatically create tickets so agents can resolve claims faster.

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