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Marketing solution benefits


Own your experience

Give customers more than just the essence of your brand post-purchase with experiences fully integrated into your website, chatbots, and apps. 100% in your brand look and voice.


Improve customer retention rates

Anticipate problems and choreograph proactive journeys with a 360-degree view of each customer’s post-purchase experience.


Drive more return visits

Add more value to transactional delivery communications and encourage repeat visits with personalized product and accessory recommendations, exclusive access, sneak peeks, and special offers.


Organically grow new customers

Create authentic and engaging experience. Then find the right time, when new brand ambassadors are happiest, to encourage review and recommendation sharing.


Marketing solution teams from world leading brands trust parcelLab



Customers return to site


of customers rate communication with "helpful and reliable"


Increase in reviews


All the post-purchase tools you need for



Marketing teams have a critical role to play in increasing adoption post-purchase.

  • Create, test, and refine distinct post-purchase communications across your brands, products, and customer segments.

  • Create exclusive unboxing and onboarding experience that build anticipation and keep brand consistency through the returns process.

  • Deliver one consistent message across channels: email, SMS, chatbots, tracking pages, my account, and in app messages.

  • Integrate your social channels and influencer content into post-purchase communications.



Find the gaps in your post-purchase experience and deliver bold marketing solutions to proactively address customer frustrations.

  • For a data driven, growth marketing approach connect your post-purchase platform to your marketing tech stack: CRM, ESP, or marketing automation platforms.

  • Use post-purchase data to segment customers. Create journeys specific to their experience, whether a package was delivered on time, or they returned items.

  • Customize messages with hyper-relevant and personalized content in your brand look and voice that embodies your culture and customers’ lifestyle.

  • Analyze post-purchase engagement data, A/B test communications and experiment with different channels to optimize marketing strategies.



Unlock the upsell and cross sell potential in delivery and returns communications that have a higher engagement and reconversion success rate than other marketing channels.

  • Keep customers in your branded experience for more SEO value and more chances to reconvert.

  • Easily update promotional content to align with your current celebrity, back-to-school, summer, or holiday campaigns for improved engagement.

  • Integrate your recommendation engine for personalized complimentary product recommendations.

  • Recover from missed delivery experiences by offering exclusive access, sneak peeks, discount coupons, and other incentives for re-purchase.

  • Get access to a ton of post-purchase experience data to better understand your customer behaviors.



Word of mouth is more critical than ever with climbing customer acquisition costs and data privacy challenges ahead.

  • Differentiate your brand by making your community a part of your delivery and returns experience. Share beautiful imagery from your Instagram and influencers to create an emotional connection with new customers. 

  • Take advantage of your most trusted marketing resource to invest back in customer acquisition. Segment your journeys based on their unique delivery experience. Get two to three times more reviews and more five-star ratings by asking the right customers at the right time.

Deborah Kirchner

When it comes to asking for product reviews, it’s all about the right timing. With parcelLab, we have tailored the shipping communication to the various stages of the process and our request reaches our customers exactly when they are happy to hold their parcel in their hands and are really ready to evaluate and give feedback.

Deborah Kirchner Online Marketing Manager
Deborah Kirchner
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increase in product reviews

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