Post-purchase platform for eCommerce and Operations Leaders

A frictionless, innovative online shopping experience from delivery date promise to returns

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parcelLab post-purchase platform for eCommerce and Operations Leaders

Benefits for Ecommerce & Operations


Seamless, innovative eCommerce experience

Design a remarkable post-purchase journey from order through return with a 360-degree view of customers.


Improve delivery experience scores

Go beyond shipment and delivery notifications with proactive, informative delivery and returns communications across channels, even for edge cases.


Increase return visits with higher conversions

Maximize the opportunity in operational moments. Drive demand with personalized product and accessory recommendations.


Decrease customer acquisition costs

Turn customers into influencers with a post-purchase experience as unique as your brand. Ask at just the right time for the best reviews.


Ecommerce and operations teams from world leading brands trust parcelLab



Customers return to site


Growth in site traffic


Increase in repurchase basket size


All the post-purchase tools you need for



Reduce ecommerce friction and increase customer satisfaction with your delivery and returns experiences.

  • Set expectations with delivery date promises pre-check out.

  • Help customers track progress with personalized details and status updates, not generic messages, delivered across email, website, chat, social or SMS.

  • Get ahead of potential delays or problems with proactive communications before customers reach out to support.

  • Cut clicks. Let customers start returns right from post-purchase communications or a returns portal embedded in your shop.

  • Easily give customers more flexible options: return to store, pick-up, or drop-off, exchanges, gift cards or store credit.



Bring customers back to your eCommerce shop faster with hyper-relevant content specific to each post-purchase experience.

  • Give curated recommendations based on each customer’s individual order history.

  • Integrate your Instagram feed to share inspiration for accessories and coordinated pieces.

  • Make order status updates more exciting with immersive content, invites for upcoming store events, special previews, and online exclusives.

  • Get returns back in inventory faster with proactive reminders.

  • Give customers frequent updates on return shipping status, receipt, and refund or credit processing.



Connect your ecosystem of eCommerce platforms, marketing tech stack, operations systems, and customer service tools for the visibility you need to deliver a next-level post-purchase experience.

  • Use your own real-world delivery rate data to improve future customer delivery date promises.

  • Compare carrier performance across regions or dive into a local detail.

  • Collect and analyze returns data quicker so you can understand why customers are returning and find solutions.

  • Combine performance data with upvote/downvote polling to understand customer sentiment for a more complete picture of your delivery experience.

  • Use returns data to quickly improve your ecommerce experience by adjusting details like sizing or item descriptions for better customer satisfaction and less likelihood of returns.



Make buying online easy, fun, and stress-free with great service in mind at every step of the post-purchase journey.

  • Empower self-service support by connecting post-purchase data with chatbots for quick access to “where is my order or return” questions 24x7.

  • Create custom communication flows with special incentives to recover from any missed delivery promises that are out of your control.

  • Reduce the risk of failed deliveries with critical delivery window updates shared across channels – email, SMS, and app push notifications.

  • Collect pictures and comments for returns and warranty claims that need validation. Automatically create tickets so agents can resolve claims faster.

  • Give customer service agents all the order details, shipping status updates and communications they need in a single view for more efficient calls that free up time for more challenging customer issues

Robin Jakoby

parcelLab provides all parties with more transparency in the otherwise opaque shipping process. The customers know the current status of their order and we know whether everything is running smoothly with our logistics partners. In addition, we are now learning much more about what our customers think about us. This is a real win-win situation for everyone.

Robin Jakoby E-Commerce Product Owner
Robin Jakoby
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