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Moo | Achieve complete control of your end-to-end customer communication

MOO is an online print and design company headquartered in London, UK. The brand offers customized printing services, including business cards, to customers in nearly 200 countries. Since being founded in 2004, the team have opened offices in six locations across the UK and US.

The team at MOO noticed that they were delivering inconsistent experiences after checkout, and this was affecting customer satisfaction. To achieve its growth ambitions, MOO decided to onboard with parcelLab and manage every step of the customer journey with Operations Experience Management.



First, the teams from parcelLab and MOO worked together to define the milestones that would be communicated to customers post-checkout. This became a branded, customizable communication workflow, with engaging touch points that drive engagement and send traffic back to MOO’s website.

MOO also received access to a dedicated reporting tool that provides invaluable insights into their post-checkout experience. The portal enables them to both look up specific orders and view a dashboard that provides overall performance for key metrics such as delivery time frame and success rate. This data enables MOO to amend its messaging based on what resonates best with its customers, as well as choosing the right communication channel.

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MOO’s customers now receive a more consistent and inviting experience, with tailored content and real-time updates. The increased customer engagement creates a boost in website traffic, so the team enjoy improved customer lifetime value and repeat purchases. And crucially, it achieved MOO’s goal of delivering the same high quality post-purchase experience for all its customers.

The parcelLab portal gives the team at MOO access to accurate tracking and monitoring capabilities, enabling them to set realistic expectations with customers post-checkout. With access to valuable data, the team better understand trends and identify challenges. This enables the team at MOO to set realistic, achievable targets for improvement.

Our second major challenge was the lack of control over shipping communications with our customers - we had to rely on the inconsistent and unbranded messages that shipping service readers send to our customers about the product they ordered during the shipping process. Since the last impression is a lasting one, we wanted to change this, and parcelLab gave us the opportunity to address our two biggest issues in this area: Transparency and Agility.

Calum McGee Technical Product Owner
Calum McGee
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