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Ending the experience gap in global delivery


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H&M Group | Ending the experience gap in global delivery


H&M Group is a family of brands and businesses, driven by the desire to make great design available to everyone, in a more sustainable way. H&M Group brands are reaching customers around the world – through online, physical stores, digital marketplaces, and external platforms. Of this reason H&M Group were looking for a partner to extend the quality of service following customer purchase, through returns and beyond.

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In the past, H&M Group has assigned post-purchase and delivery communication to third-party logistic providers in the respective countries. To optimise the process, H&M Group sought a post-purchase partner to help them close this customer experience gap in delivery, returns and beyond.

The key requirements included:

  • Integration of all global logistics service carriers
  • Flexibility in implementing branding specifications and individual needs
  • Highly personalised and branded
  • Ensure communication is branded and not from 3rd party carriers
  • Development of an integrated branded returns portal


parcelLab developed a two-phased approach to exceed the H&M Group’s expectations and improve their customers’ experience. We created multiple bespoke shipping messages for critical events, such as upcoming delivery and successful package handover.

In an initial pilot program, parcelLab tested its post-purchase communication platform in H&M Poland to allow the brand to experience a small-scale version of our vast capabilities. Amazed by the instant results, H&M made a commitment to parcelLab and rolled out shipping communications to an additional 45 markets.

In a second step, H&M integrated parcelLab's returns portal to streamline the returns process and make it easier for customers to return their orders. Adoption of the return's portal enabled the brand to reduce expenses, by eliminating the need for additional paper inserts as well as allowing for better management of stock inventories.

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By using parcelLab's post-purchase platform, H&M’s customers are now informed about every step in the shipping process. There has not only been a reduction in shipping-related inquiries to call centres, but our platform has increased customer satisfaction and retention. The customer experience during the returns process has also significantly improved, not least through the ability to provide relevant status updates. Currently, H&M Group and parcelLab are collaborating to improve efficiencies in the returns process by making it 100 percent paperless.