With these 5 tips we support retailers in the Christmas season

With these 5 tips we support retailers in the Christmas season
Published on: Nov 12, 2020
Updated: Aug 19, 2022

During the lockdown, online retail experienced a decade of growth in just three months.

This trend is expected to continue as experts believe that most people will shop primarily online this holiday season. This represents both a huge opportunity and challenge for retailers.
This year, the Christmas season offers the perfect opportunity to make up for a lack of sales at the beginning of the year.

But how can shops turn their customers into loyal repeat customers this holiday season? Are you ready for this?

Here are five ways we can help make the peak digital season as effective as possible tokeep your customers happy.

1. Proactive communication 

We work with brands and retailers to automate their communications throughout the customer journey. This involves optimising the customer experience after the sale.

First, retailers need to identify the stages after the buying process at which they predominantly want to communicate with their customers. This communication can be dynamic, time-optimised or event-driven. Together, we then ensure that customers receive the right message at the right time. Even in peak season, shops can thus offer their customers proactive and individualised communication. It also minimises shipping-related customer service requests because customers are kept up to date at all times.

2. Order status 

The parcelLab Track & Trace page is a fully branded white-label solution directly in the retailer's online shop. It allows online shoppers to view the exact status of their order at any time.

This allows customers to check the shipping status at any time, quickly and easily, without having to contact anyone from the customer service team. In addition, retailers can use their customers' individual data to provide a highly personalised and relevant shipping experience. Other interesting content can also be integrated there, such as product recommendations or reviews, to improve the overall customer experience and increase traffic to the shop.

3. Returns

With parcelLab's returns communication solution, the customer receives a returns activation notification as soon as they send the parcel off. Subsequently, a delivery notification is also automatically sent to the customer once the parcel has arrived at the retailer. If something should go wrong, a delay notification can also be sent. This makes returns communication with your customers easy and convenient.

Customers are kept informed throughout the return process and don't have to call to ask about refunds etc. This is a great help for shops, especially on the days when they are busiest.

In addition, retailers can also use the information collected to record the volume of returns or even forecast 'how many parcels are coming in per day'. This data can be valuable to increase the efficiency of their own processes, especially during the Christmas season.

4. Analysis

Using our solution allows retailers to monitor and analyse shipping data. We provide customers with a communication dashboard in which, among other things, email performance or even the reliability of logistics providers can be analysed.

To enable our customers' success, we provide ongoing support for all customers. This is a great tool for many mail order retailers who want to put such a focus on their digital processes for the first time. The dashboard allows transparency for the retailer, who can clearly see how and where they can make improvements in the future based on the data they receive.

5. NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Online shops don't just want to attract one-off customers from the upcoming peak season, they want to create fans.

The way to do this is to exceed customer expectations every time. No one knows your customers as well as your customers themselves. So why not ask them what they think of the service you provide?
Take their feedback and make improvements accordingly. We enable merchants to create a Net Promoter Score in real time by asking questions such as "How likely is it that you would recommend [merchant] to a friend?"
This can be a simple assessment tool to maximise engagement.

Want to learn even more about customer needs and their expectations? We surveyed over 2,000 olnline shoppers about what matters most to them when shopping online. Here is the result:

Prepare for the peak of the year

To prepare for the peak season, you should first consider how you speak to your customers. By providing proactive and relevant status updates, they will feel more confident in their decision to order from you again and come back. Offering a self-service option, such as a track & trace page, will free up your customer support. It will also provide you with valuable data that can give you insights into your customers, carriers and processes.
To find out more about how we can help you during the Christmas season and beyond, contact us anytime.

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