These are the most important e-commerce trends in 2019

These are the most important e-commerce trends in 2019
Published on: Jan 19, 2019
Updated: Aug 19, 2022

What new e-commerce trends will the new year bring? What can we look forward to? Here are the 4 most important e-commerce trends in 2019.

1. Artificial intelligence continues to gain ground

Opinions differ on the subject of artificial intelligence (AI) in e-commerce. Many see great potential in it, while others are sceptical about the topic. AI is taking e-commerce to a whole new level. Whether with 3D avatars or virtual fashion advisors - the possibilities are almost limitless. Even AI tools that collect and analyse behaviour-based customer data are one of the absolute e-commerce trends next year. But also Chatbots, as a tool in customer communication, Voice Commerce or the Parcel delivery by drone will advance even further next year.

###Performance of the 100 largest German online shops

The personal advice that customers otherwise only find in bricks-and-mortar retail can thus be transferred to online retail. Amazon already released a virtual fashion assistant in the USA, the so-called "Echo Look". This is a pilot project of the company. The assistant analyses the user's outfit and makes fashion recommendations based on it. This works through algorithms and the accumulated knowledge of a stylist.

2. Product presentation through augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) continues to make inroads into the e-commerce environment. AR aims to imitate the haptic shopping experience of brick-and-mortar retail that is missing in e-commerce. According to a study, 74 percent already know what augmented reality is all about - but only 26 percent have already used the trend in some form or in some area. When shopping online, 18.2 percent have already used the new technology.

The use of AR is particularly advantageous and useful in the fashion or furniture sector. Items of clothing or furniture can be realistically presented to the user. However, due to the high costs, the application mainly makes sense for larger companies.

The fashion label Zara presents its new autumn/winter collection in selected stores with the help of augmented reality. How does it work? Simply download the Zara app, point the camera from the app e.g. at a shop window (of the participating shops) and look for the Augmented Reality icon. The app then projects the desired garments onto the model without having to try them on.

3. Product search through advanced product filters

Advanced product filters help customers find exactly what they are looking for - in the shortest possible time. Additional filters, such as material or pattern, can help in the search for the right garment. With advanced product filters, online retailers can stand out from their competition and make online shopping even easier and faster for their customers.

Fashion online retailer asos is one of the best practice examples for this e-commerce trend in 2019. The company already uses advanced product filters, such as style or length of the dress or garment they are looking for.

Image asos already uses a whole range of different product filters. (Source: asos)

4. Social shopping revolutionises social networks

Online retailing does not stop at social networks, such as Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat. More and more users are shopping on social media. Anyone who has scrolled through their feed lately has certainly spotted one or two advertisements. But social media have now even discovered their own shopping features for themselves.


Pinterest wants to improve social shopping with "Shop the Look". The creator of the pin can link several goods on his post. However, the shopping feature is not really used yet.


With Instagram Shopping, you are only a few clicks away from your online order. Instagram's new shopping feed shows users products and outfits they might like.

Image Instagram Shopping is becoming increasingly popular. (Source: Instagram)


On Snapchat, shopping works a little differently. You're walking through town and see someone with shoes you'd also like. Just take a picture of the wearer and Snapchat recognises the product and takes the searcher to the product page on Amazon. However, if you don't want to just photograph strangers without their permission (understandable), you can also snap products you've seen online or in a magazine.


E-commerce will continue to evolve over the next few years. Some trends will endure, others will mutate into a flash in the pan. It will also become increasingly important to stand out from your competitors with the latest features and trends. The possibilities are great, but many trends are associated with high costs. Therefore, often only the very big companies can include all trends in their repertoire.

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