These 5 customer touchpoints increase the repurchase rate

These 5 customer touchpoints increase the repurchase rate
Sat, 01/08/2020

What happens after the order is sent? For many online retailers, contact with customers breaks off and this is then taken over by shipping service providers, such as DHL, Hermes or DPD. Customers are then contacted by the logistics provider to be informed about the whereabouts of their package. From this point on, there is radio silence on the part of the retailer.

We believe that many companies are missing a great opportunity to increase their repurchase rate and customer loyalty. A positive customer experience - even after the purchase - can turn a one-time buyer into a loyal customer.

Here are the five most important post-purchase customer touchpoints that retailers should use to offer their customers an all-round positive shopping experience and bring them back to the online shop.

1. order confirmation

A personal message after sending the order and in the branding of the online shop is essential. By law, sending an order confirmation is also mandatory and should be used by the retailer to promote their own brand. At best, this email should again list what the customer has bought and add important product information. Retailers should also use the order confirmation to communicate the expected delivery time or possible delays in advance. This reduces the number of shipping-related customer service requests (WISMO), because the customer already knows in advance when he can roughly expect his package.

2. Track & Trace

Let's face it: customers want to know when their parcel will arrive. So retailers need to pass this information on to their customers as soon as possible. parcelLab recommends using a track and trace page that gives customers instant access to the (live) status and location of their order at any time.

3. Returns communication

We recommend that retailers keep their customers informed about the progress of their return to reduce the number of customer service queries. Sending a return confirmation keeps the customer as relaxed as possible during this otherwise stressful process. Additionally, this is a great way to exceed customer expectations and increase the rate of repeat customers.

4. Evaluation prompt

The product was delivered without any major incidents? Perfect! Then why don't retailers simply ask their customers for feedback to ensure they received an equally smooth shopping experience? When online shops add a simple rating survey to their delivery announcement, customers have the opportunity to provide feedback quickly and conveniently. The results that retailers receive from this can be used to calculate an NPS (Net Promoter Score), which can show the retailer where there is still potential for optimisation and in which areas the shop is already doing a good job.

5. Follow-up email

To encourage the customer to make another purchase from the online shop (and another, another...), retailers should consider giving them an incentive. This could be a discount or a free product trial. This will give customers extra motivation to return to the shops instead of shopping at the competition next time. For example, our client Lidl has managed to bring 85 percent of customers back to the online shop again.

Ready to improve the customer experience?

In summary, retailers should make sure to communicate with their customers themselves at every stage of the customer journey. Therefore, they should also look for opportunities to stay in touch with them at all times and keep engagement as high as possible. Seamless customer communication from order to shipping to returns can bring shoppers right back into the shop and reduce customer service enquiries.

We help businesses improve their communication and turn customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

Our customers report a repurchase rate of up to 90 per cent and an increase in customer satisfaction of up to 55 per cent. Contact us now to find out how you can improve your customer experience.

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