The light at the end of the tunnel: e-commerce after the Corona crisis

The light at the end of the tunnel: e-commerce after the Corona crisis
Sat, 16/05/2020

The Corona crisis is bringing many traders to their knees. Nevertheless, the head should not be buried in the sand (easier said than done - that is clear). Traders who have only sporadically dealt with the topic of innovation and digitalisation in the past now have the chance to give their processes a makeover so that they are best prepared for difficult times in the future.

From stationary trade to online trade

The stationary shops that do not count as daily needs have still closed (although this will now change for shops up to 800sqm). Online trade, on the other hand, is booming in certain sectors. These include, above all, shops selling beauty products, do-it-yourself supplies, DYI items and sports and fitness equipment. For example, the parcel volume of online shops for electronics & multimedia increased by 28 percent during the Corona crisis. However, even furniture retailers can no longer save themselves from online orders. However, this does not mean that other sectors have to lose out in times of crisis. Those who rethink their business strategy with regard to digitalisation are well prepared for future crises.

Electronic & multimedia products are currently more popular than ever.

How can retailers prepare for crises in general?

Crises, like the Covid-19 pandemic, are unpredictable and can happen at any time without warning. To avoid being completely thrown in at the deep end next time, traders should consider making some changes to their business processes now. The motto is: the topic of digitalisation should be at the top of the list. Especially now, when many shops have closed, is the perfect time to think about your business strategy. Does it make sense to move more in the direction of innovation and digitalisation? The answer is clearly yes!

More innovation & digitalisation

Now it's up to the traders: those who don't focus on more innovation and digitalisation now at the latest will most likely not be on the winning side in the next crisis. But those who upgrade their business digitally will be rewarded. Many traders have been sceptical about innovations until now. This should have changed now due to the current situation. Those who, for example, do not yet have an online shop and rely exclusively on sales in stationary shops should reconsider this concept. This also applies with regard to the currently stable logistics processes. An analysis of our internal data has shown that a faster delivery of parcels is currently taking place. Before Corona, the delivery time was 2.1 days. Currently it is 1.7 days. So you can see: even from crises, online trade emerges as the "winner".

Many logistics companies deliver parcels faster since the Corona crisis.

More Customer Experience & Branding

If you want to digitise your business and switch to selling your goods online, there are some important points to keep in mind. First of all, one's own brand must be anchored in the minds of (potential) consumers. Branding is more important than many retailers would like to admit. Even companies like Amazon, H&M and Zara first had to build up their awareness to become as successful as they are now. Once a solid customer base has been created, retailers must ensure that their customers are offered the best possible customer experience. This means that customers must be optimally looked after not only during the ordering process, but also beyond. In difficult times like the current one, it is even more important that customers are informed about the status of their delivery at all times in order to keep WISMO requests as low as possible. Important events, such as delivery delays, must be identified and proactively communicated to the customer.

And this is how it can look in times of Corona:

Customers should always be kept informed about the status of their delivery, even during the Corona crisis.

How MediaShop supports its customers during the crisis

An outstanding customer experience is more important than ever in the current situation. Our customer MediaShop knows this too. Together with us, they are creating an optimal shopping experience even during the Corona crisis through proactive and reliable shipping communication.

Would you like to offer your customers an excellent customer experience even during the Corona crisis? Then contact us. We look forward to introducing you to our solution.

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