The Key Findings of the 2020 Consumer Survey

The Key Findings of the 2020 Consumer Survey
Thu, 15/10/2020

What do online shoppers really want from retailers? Many retailers are not aware of what their customers actually want and need. For this reason, we surveyed over 2,000 consumers to better understand what is really important to them. From the insights gained, we derived tips and suggestions for improvement for retailers.

Consumer Study 2020 - Key Findings

We have published the most interesting findings from the survey in the parcelLab Consumer Study 2020 and compare them to the status quo of our E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020.

Free delivery

What would you answer?

82% of online shoppers always or sometimes switch online suppliers when a retailer charges shipping for the same product price while a competing retailer offers free shipping.

Logistician selection

What would you answer?

71% of online customers would like to be able to choose between different logistics providers always or sometimes, because this way they can influence that the delivery agent is reliable and the next parcel shop is not too far away.

Parcel tracking

What would you answer?

91% of online customers track the shipment of their order with the help of tracking. Those who guide customers back to their own shop in the process create potential for cross-selling and upselling. In addition, 68% of online customers would like to be proactively informed by retailers if there are delivery delays. 56% would be happy to receive a message as soon as their return has arrived safely at the retailer.

Returns handling

50% of online customers welcome it if a returns label is enclosed with their shipment. Almost one fifth appreciate it when retailers have returns collected from the customer.

Would you like to learn how you can offer your customers an optimal customer experience? Then download our Consumer Study 2020 free of charge in our download area.

Improve your Operations Experience

Not only customer satisfaction, but also efficient processes on the retailer side stand and fall with operational order processing, the Operations Experience (OX). This starts with service and winds its way through warehouse processing to shipping and returns. Yet companies still have little transparency and little to no control over the OX. Many retailers still leave important points of contact, such as communication with online shoppers after the order is placed, to the logistics service provider. A big mistake that leads to upselling opportunities being lost. Customers, in turn, receive only cryptic messages that leave them still in the dark about the order status.

Therefore, it is elementary that retailers control all relevant process steps in fullfilment themselves. Only in this way can problems be recognised and circumvented at an early stage, important touchpoints be used and turned into a service plus. This is ultimately reflected in renewed shop visits and an increase in sales. Operations experience platforms such as parcelLab offer workflow control at all relevant points in the process as well as individual, personalised customer communication. If a delivery is delayed, customers are automatically informed. At the same time, further relevant content offers the possibility to guide shoppers back into the shop and to encourage them to make a new purchase.

This benefits all sides: companies ensure a consistent brand experience and maximise cross-selling potential - not least because of outstanding customer service.

Sounds interesting, but you need help implementing your operations experience? No problem! We are happy to help.

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