Series C investment will allow parcelLab to provide our teams not just work, but an experience

Series C investment will allow parcelLab to provide our teams not just work, but an experience
Published on: Jun 24, 2021
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

I joined parcelLab about a year ago now. What struck me most when I was settling in was the warmth and enthusiasm of the team. Now, as we're celebrating our Series C investment from our home offices across the globe, remotely raising glasses on video calls, I am astounded at how close we feel with so much space between us. As VP People and Culture, I have made it my business to make sure that feeling of unity and excitement only grows from here.

How Series C investment will impact our team

With this Series C funding, led by global venture capital and equity firm Insight Partners, my team is energized. We are expanding our existing teams and developing new ones. But it’s not only about finding new people. We are investing in the team we have already built. We are providing training opportunities and offering learning experiences. It's about giving teams the chance to work on internal projects that allow them to expand their skill set. Ultimately, we are encouraging our people to learn through new experiences.

Also, I am anticipating a lot of changes to the way we work. The processes that have worked for parcelLab as a team of 50, or 100, may not serve us as we grow. So, the way we work is evolving. We need people onboard who are willing to take that journey with us. More than skill or experience, what parcelLab needs right now is people who are committed to delivering on our brand promise.

Our global, growing team is Digital First

Firstly, I’m really passionate about our Digital First initiative. We are enabling people to choose where they work to support diverse lifestyles. Our teams don't have to live in a certain city. They don't need to move to a certain country. And, you don’t have to work 9-5. Digital First is empowering our teams to do what is most comfortable for them. We do this because we want our company to run on trust. We don’t believe in micro-management or bottlenecks. Essentially, we want our colleagues to be able to make choices for themselves on how they work, based on what works for them. We promote a culture of respect and inclusivity, which makes our team excited to show up and give 100%.

And I don’t just mean in terms of working hard. We are nurturing an environment where everyone can bring their whole selves to work every day. Of course, we are an equal opportunities employer, but we go beyond ticking boxes. We encourage people to share their passions and be authentic. We are a diverse team, and it is fundamental to be respectful, open-minded and kind to each other. Crucially, as we grow, my team is keen to work on new Equity and Diversity initiatives, as well as mental health and wellness programs. We are now offering free yoga and meditation classes to our staff, and this is just the beginning.

What’s next after our Series C investment?

I must say that a challenge my team is committed to with the Series C funding is this: how do we make sure people feel being part of a growing team if we don't meet regularly in a physical, rather than virtual, environment? Ultimately, we're humans, so we want to be social, and we want to be in touch. I am looking forward to finding a happy balance for our teams. And, when we do meet, we want it to be with purpose, to come together and brainstorm, strategize, bond and of course, enjoy each other’s company. To me, this is more valuable than just showing up to a communal office and working at adjacent desks because you’re told to. In summary, the time our teams spend together will be focused on quality, not quantity.

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