Online shopping types - these 6 every retailer should know (infographic)

Online shopping types - these 6 every retailer should know (infographic)
Published on: Jul 7, 2019
Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Not all online shoppers are the same. There are some who shop according to the same pattern over and over again. They always know the latest trends, sift through customer reviews or compare many different offers. All online shopping types are different in their willingness to buy, motivation, spontaneity and loyalty to shops.

In the sea of online shopping

The advantages of online shops are clear: above all, the large selection, the lowest price and the convenience bring many people to shop online. However, the multitude of shops, articles and comparison portals has also changed buying behaviour. While some people can hardly make up their minds in the sea of products, others make a purchase right at the first find.

For retailers, it is becoming increasingly important to know who their customers are. In times of recommendation engines, shop operators have to adapt the offer to their customers and create a good customer experience. There are different online shopping types that occur again and again and that every retailer should know.

Infographic - Online Shopping Types

The infographic shows the six most common online shopping types and the level of their willingness to buy, motivation, spontaneity and loyalty.

Image Six types of online shoppers - An overview of the different online shopping types.

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