Meet the parcelLab UK team

Meet the parcelLab UK team
Published on: Nov 17, 2018
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Based in London, our new parcelLab UK office will be led by Tobias, our CEO, who will be supported by an experienced team including Julia, Post-Purchase Manager; Sherine, Client Partnership Manager; and Julian, Chief Technology Officer.

“We enable perfect communication between retailers and their customers after the checkout. We make your pre-shipping, shipping and return process smart, emotional and personalized.” says Tobias – and very important “We just make it happen.” The new parcelLab UK team can tell you one thing for sure: “We have shown our expertise with industry’s leading retailers and always ensure that from the day we engage, we deliver on the promised value and retailers’ requirements.”

Having partnered with 30% of Germany’s largest online retailers, the parcelLab UK team is looking forward to showing the UK the value of personalised post-purchase communication. Let's get to know them a bit better.

The parcelLab UK Team


On a mission to transform the post-purchase online shopping experience, business and engineering graduate Tobias founded parcelLab in 2014, along with Julian and Anton. While working as a consultant at global supply chain management business, Tobias realized how important the post-purchase experience was and yet how little most companies did to support customers once they had clicked to buy. His idea to address this issue by launching parcelLab has certainly resonated with online retailers across Germany and beyond, with the company quickly growing its client base.

Now with over 350 clients across Europe & US, including almost a third of Germany’s Top 100 online retailers, parcelLab continues to develop its service and grow its footprint. As much as Tobias loves his customers, he does love surfing around the world. And one place is his favourite for surfing: Munich, the only city with a river wave in the middle of the city.


What do you think is the secret to the greatest customer experience?

The answer is quite easy: Relentless focus on customer value, for every single customer. This is also the reason why we founded parcelLab. When you think of top-tier companies like Apple, Amazon, ASOS & Co. they are incredibly focused on creating value for their customer. We want to put all our focus and effort on creating an outstanding customer experience to delight customers and offer our knowledge about best-in-class post-purchase communication.


You might notice Julia sounds a bit funny. That’s because she is a USA-born graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle. As one of parcelLab’s post-purchase experts, there is little Julia doesn’t know about how to deliver the best possible customer experience after an online purchase. She focuses on gaining a deep understanding of the issues facing a retail partner to help them develop the best post-purchase strategy and supports them through their parcelLab journey. When she isn’t shopping online, you can usually find Julia cycling or hiking.


Julia, you don't consider yourself as salesperson. What do you mean?

I help, I don’t sell. Every online retailer must deliver their customer’s order and so post-purchase communication is something that every online retailer must think about. Every online retailer also has unique issues. I focus on what’s unique and how we can then help improve the post-purchase experience.


Sherine is our Client Partnership Manager and a brand-new member of the parcelLab UK team. She has a textile engineering background and more than 4 years of experience in Business Development. Sherine is passionate about the intersection of Fashion, Business and Technology. Her favourite thing about working at parcelLab is the team spirit. She lives our value of: Always joy, always teamwork, always equality. She is excited to discover the untapped post-checkout potential in the UK.


What makes you come back to your favorite retailer?

I want to feel valued and like the retailer is taking care of me. I like personal service and communication – otherwise I feel like I’m just a number. This is what I see in parcelLab.


Julian is one of the founders and CTO at parcelLab. With his technical background, he can solve almost every technical issue. Julian created our product and challenges himself to make it better every day. He is constantly improving and innovating (ask him about his logistics gifs). In those moments when he’s not making sure our retailers are well-cared for, you can find him riding his bike or enjoying a cold beer.


How do you see customer experience evolving?

One thing is fact: We have to improve the customer experience every day. eCommerce is becoming increasingly competitive and customer experience is how you set yourself apart. The possibilities for customers are enormous. Customer centricity will become increasingly important to ensure sustained success.

Thank you for getting to know a little bit about us. Our parcelLab team is committed to improving post-purchase customer experience every single day.


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