Interview with IFH Cologne: This is Customer Experience

Interview with IFH Cologne: This is Customer Experience
Published on: Jun 23, 2017
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

The customer journey is currently being examined from different angles. What are the most important aspects for you?

Tobias Buxhoidt: For us, the customer journey is what turns one-time buyers into loyal customers. Because the experience during the purchase has a maximum influence on whether the customer returns or not. Therefore, in our opinion, it is extremely important to develop the customer journey into a customer experience, i.e. to create a true shopping experience. However, this experience does not end when the order is placed, when the purchase button is pressed, but only when the customer actually holds the goods in his hands - as is also the case in stationary retail. Customers repeatedly say that they want a shopping experience in the online shop that is comparable to that of conventional retail. This includes support from the first to last step, including the shipping process until the goods are received. However, many retailers do not yet perceive shipping as part of the customer journey, thus wasting valuable opportunities for customer loyalty.

Where should online providers be particularly active and how?

Tobias Buxhoidt: I think online retailers must always be active, i.e. accompany the customer from the search for the product to the receipt of the goods. Of course, the "how" plays a big role here. Nowadays we are all inundated with information and offers from every side, which can also be irritating in the worst case. Relevant information and customised, individual offers are an effective way to stand out and win over customers through real added value. If you pick up the customer after the purchase and actively support him or her through the highly emotional phase of shipping, for example, he or she feels well taken care of and builds a closer relationship with the brand.

Cue shipping: What are the most important ground rules for customer communication when things don't go smoothly?

Tobias Buxhoidt: Act proactively and solution-oriented! As already mentioned, customers want to be accompanied through the entire purchasing process. If there are delays or problems during the shipping process, it is extremely important for the retailer to take care of them - instead of leaving it to the logistics service provider or only reacting to complaints from the customer. Because the anger rarely turns against the logistics provider, instead angry calls arrive at the customer service of the online shop. If the customer is informed early and offered a solution, he has less time and reason to build up frustration. The retailer can score points by, for example, giving timely notice if a delivery cannot be made at the agreed time - before the customer waits unnecessarily at home - and announcing a new date, or announcing damage to an item during shipping and offering a replacement product. The customer is pleased with the trader's thoughtfulness and is much more likely to forgive any difficulties.


What do you appreciate most about the ECC Club?

Tobias Buxhoidt: The publicly effective placement on the website is particularly interesting for us as a start-up. The platform is very relevant for us, so we are happy to be represented here and hope to gain a lot from the cooperation with the ECC Club and IFH Cologne. The tickets for the ECC Forum are also a great plus for us, networking at such interesting events is definitely one of the elementary activities of a young company. Here we can present parcelLab to a relevant audience and make important contacts.

The interview with Christina Bunnenberg from the ECC Club appeared in May 2017 at IFH Cologne.

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